Basketball: ‘Way to Let Loose’ for George Kress


Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Sophomore George Kress has seen a majority of his life revolve around sports, in particular, basketball.

Kress started playing basketball back in the 4th grade and football in the 6th grade. He has played both sports since then but was sidelined this year for football due to ankle surgery.

In Kress’ mind, basketball is more impactful.

“It’s a way for me to let loose and forget everything else,” he said.

Kress played for the DePere basketball program up until high school and also played AAU in the summers for Pack Attack.

Kress’ inspiration regarding basketball comes from many of the big-time athletes.

“It’s super cool to see where they come from and how much they have sacrificed to get to the point where they are,” said Kress.

Kress wants to be “a player who you love playing with and hate playing against, and a winner. Everytime I step on the court all I want to do is get a win.”

George has an older brother, Jack Kress. They both have participated in sports, and Jack has now been on varsity football since sophomore year.

The Kress brothers used to play football together back in elementary school.

George recalled a funny moment from playing sports with his brother:  “When we were younger playing flag football at the Sports Emporium, the coaches wouldn’t let Jack throw to me anymore because we were winning by so much.”

Kress looks up to, in particular, Kobe Bryant due to his work ethic and his “mental awareness on and off the basketball court.”

Kress also looks up to Avery Lyons, a former Notre Dame Academy basketball player, because he “is a player that could control the game and has moves to get open.”

Kress compares himself to Ben Simmons, an NBA player, because “I can’t shoot but I can do everything else.”

Eventually the sophomore would like to play basketball at the next level. “It’s really whatever I’m presented with,” he said.