Keighley Blindauer Chooses to Play Soccer at Michigan Tech

Abby Wittler, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

In the fall senior Keighley Blindauer will be continuing her academic and athletic career at Michigan Tech. She made her final decision to play for Tech on April 27, the day of Academy Ball.

This decision was made because of many factors.

“I chose Michigan Tech because of the amazing opportunities that were able to be provided for me. When I was on my tour of the campus, I fell in love with the community and the beauty of the campus,” said Blindauer.

Although she will be experiencing harsh winters in Houghton, there are many opportunities on campus for students to make the winter months more bearable.

Another factor in her decision to attend Michigan Tech was their psychology program and the fact that it is relatively small.  That way she will be able to interact closely with her professors and other students involved in psychology.

“I hope to major in either a sports psychology field or a criminal psychology field. Overall, psychology is just very intriguing to me,” said the senior.

“As a young girl, I had always dreamed I would play soccer at a college level,” said Blindauer. She has played soccer since she was four years old.

Blindauer will also be playing with NDA alum and former teammate Grace Shaw, and she is beyond excited to get back on the turf with her.

Her biggest inspiration throughout the years has been her club coach, Mr. Korey Kane.  He was able to give her confidence from a young age, and she gives him all the credit for her love of the game.

In high school, she played both soccer and basketball but chose soccer for college because it always made her feel right.

“Soccer has always been a sport that makes me happy. Whenever I step on the field, I am free from whatever things may be going through my head. I feel as if it’s on the soccer field that I can just feel at home,” she explained.

Last spring, she was able to play in the state tournament with her team.

“My favorite memory is winning state. There’s nothing like the feeling of holding up a gold ball and looking back at all the work you had done all your life to get to that point. I would do anything for that feeling again,” she said.

She is excited to experience a new atmosphere in college and meet new people in the process.