Freshmen Contribute to a Golf Team Shooting for State


Gioia Cumicek, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Two freshmen, Madeline Tricarico and Grace Durkin, represent the Class of ‘23  on the golf team this year.

Tricarico, a newcomer to Green Bay, plays on the JV team while Durkin has been integral to the success of the varsity team. They have both set goals for themselves to meet by the end of the year.

“They are two very different kids.  Grace is in the middle of what could be the best season ever for a freshman at NDA.  Madeline joined the team in the middle of the season–she moved here from Indiana–and we’re lucky to have her.  She is making great strides,” said veteran golf coach Brian Bobinski.

Tricarico began driving and putting when she was six years old but did not join a golf team until sixth grade. She joined the NDA team shortly after school began, meaning she missed all the long summer practices. 

Although she began late, everyone was very welcoming and supportive, she said.

Her goal for the end of the season is to straighten out her drive, which currently goes far right. For next season her goal is to shoot in the 40s. 

“My biggest accomplishment so far is making a birdie on a par 3,” said Tricarico.

Durkin’s first time playing golf was with her papa when she was three. She began doing group lessons when she was eight. 

“I hated golf so much when I first started. I wanted to tell my mom so bad how much I wanted to quit. I didn’t have any patience when I was younger, and I still don’t to this day, but when I step onto the golf course I am a new and better version of myself,” said Durkin.

She began playing in competitive tournaments around the age of 11. She started with little motivation but began playing in more tournaments and began practicing almost every day. 

Durkin’s goal is to finish out the season strong and hopefully make it to state. Her ultimate goal is to play D1 college golf down South and eventually play professionally in the LPGA. 

“To someone who wants to join the golf team, I would say it takes a lot of hard work to be great at it, but it’s the easiest way to relax, have fun and make new friends,” said Tricarico.

“I have actually learned a lot from the seniors,” added Durkin. “They have taught me much about sportsmanship and how to treat each other.” 

“Making it to state” is an annual thought for a Bobinski-coached team. This is his 19th year coaching girls golf, and 14 times in the previous 18 years the team has gone to state. 

The outlook for this team of girls? 

“We are far better than we’ve been in five years,” said the coach, “but our sectional is very strong with several teams that will challenge us.”