Skaletski Optimistic About Final Season of Basketball


Evan Witczak, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Senior year is commonly known as “the year of lasts” as you are on the verge of transitioning to a new chapter in your life.

Evan Skaletski describes his final high school basketball season as “bittersweet” knowing it will be his last chance to play competitively with some of his elementary school friends. 

Skaletski stated, “Being a senior, you have to be a leader after having such a young team the past few years. Last year we grew a lot as a team.”

“This year,” he continued, “the seniors know this is it, so we’ve got to go out there and let everyone know this is not the same team as last year.”

Skaletski is one of the few returning seniors on the team this year. He understands that everyone must step it up, and the leadership must start with the seniors.

“The team has certainly changed a lot since our core group of players freshman year has dwindled,” he said. As many of Skaletski’s classmates got caught up in other sports and school, he decided to continue playing the game he loved. 

“I am absolutely happy I played basketball all three years. Basketball is one of the best sports to play and watch and always has tons of excitement,” the senior explained. 

As fall sports wrap up, Notre Dame boys basketball kicks into full effect. 

Skaletski is extremely optimistic about the team’s success this year. 

He said, “The first step is to get off to a good start this year.  With Coach AJ in his second year now, everyone has a better feel for each other.  Last year, we did not know what offense fit us best and experimented around for a bit, but this year that’s out the window.”

He believes the team will put together some wins this season and is even focused on being conference champions. 

Skaletski has always grown from the game of basketball, both on the court and in everyday life. 

“If there is one thing I would take away from the game of basketball, it’s that no matter how hard you work, how successful you are, or how many mistakes you make, things will not always go your way.  That is no reason to keep your head down, rather it’s just an opportunity to show everyone that doubted you how good you really can be, and that is what we hope to do this year,” he said.

The senior continues to bring this positive attitude to the Notre Dame basketball team and hopes to lead them to a great season in his final year.