Carly Noble Pursues NFL Dreams as a Sports Reporter


Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Carly Noble, graduate of the 2017 class of NDA, is now pursuing her sports broadcasting dreams at St. Thomas. 

Her major is Communication and Journalism with a minor in sports broadcasting and exercise science. She looked at Marquette but knew that a smaller school would give her more opportunities and let her “get her foot in the door.”

“I’ve had a lot of great opportunities at St. Thomas,” said Noble referring to being an editor of the Sports News. They cover all of the St. Thomas sporting events by interviewing coaches and players. 

She also hosts The Locker Room every Thursday and has a podcast called Keep the Ball Rolling which focuses on sports around Minnesota. 

She hopes all her hard work brings her to the NFL or ESPN as a sideline reporter. 

“A lot of people I’m sure want this,” she said. “Also, it is a male-based career. Men analyze and comment. Females are sideline reporters because the coaches are nicer to the females.”

“No one likes talking to coaches or players after a loss,” she said with a laugh.  

This summer her internship allowed her to spend a lot of time in the Packers locker room, which is a relatively new thing, considering her gender. 

Her tasks also involve writing and editing stores. Every year she must write using the updated AP style book which her professor calls “the bible, lowercase b.”

“I’ve learned so much about dates, times, and places,” she said. “Writing is a lot more expressive, broadcasting is shorter.”

The most creative she gets to be in her writing is feature stories on people around campus including professors, students and coaches.

She believes NDA prepared her well for college and the workload and credits Mrs. Brown’s journalism class to sparking her interest in the field. 

“Notre Dame did a good job of preparing me in math, science and writing,” she said as a student who was very active in cross country, track and basketball. 

She played some intramural basketball in college, but now works out in yoga and spin classes.