Hockey Team Takes Conference Title with Defeat of Bayport

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Last weekend the Notre Dame Academy Hockey team became the 2019-2020 FRCC champions with a 4-1 defeat of Bayport. 

Their record is 17-1 with 11 players/coaches on the FRCC All-Conference list. This record improves on last season’s 15-6-7. 

“We’re really happy with where our team’s at right now, and it’s the best start to a season we’ve had since I’ve been here,” explained senior Riley Onell. Onell has played on the team fo four years and is hoping to finish the season off strong. 

Onell was second runner-up in last year’s Academy Awards. After being voted into the final 15 contestants for a second time, he decided to pull his name and focus primarily on hockey. 

“I decided it’d be best for me to drop out of the Academy Awards because we had a few games get rescheduled right around the week of the Academy Awards, and I knew all of the time and effort that went into it last year when I did it. I didn’t feel it was fair to do it if I was gonna be in it half-heartedly. I wish I could be in it, but I know the guys and girls involved will give a great show,” said Onell. 

“Hockey to me is much more than just the game itself. It’s introduced me to my lifelong best friends, taught me how to handle adversity and made me a better person all around,” said the senior. 

Along with hockey, Onell is also a member of the French Club and National Honor Society. 

After high school, he will be going to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

 “The best part about playing hockey in high school is all the friends I’ve made and relationships I’ve built. I love the games and winning, but the thing I’ll miss the most is hanging out with my best friends every single day at the rink,” explained Onell.