Soletski to Play Football at Northern Michigan University


Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Hunter Soletski, a senior here at Notre Dame Academy, recently committed to Northern Michigan University to further pursue his education and his love for the game of football.

Soletski, a three-year varsity starter for football, made his commitment to NMU the South Commons of Notre Dame on Wednesday, accompanied by his parents and his little brother.

“It’s surreal that I get the opportunity to play the game, I love, at the next level,” said Soletski.

Soletski, although his senior season was flagged with injuries, still remained dominant in the FRCC conference.

“Although we didn’t have the greatest season in the world, it was still obvious that people like Hunter and Joel [Meglic] were just at another level than everyone else,” said Henry Wied, a senior and teammate of Soletski.

Joel Meglic, a senior at Notre Dame Academy, is also playing at the next level, taking his talents to the University of Cornell, located in New York.

“Hunter’s a great teammate, and I know he’ll do great things at Northern Michigan,” said Meglic.

Some would be turned off by the thought of going to a school that has more snowfall than Wisconsin and that’s surrounded by acres and acres of woods, but not Soletski.

“I’m really into hunting and fishing, so the woods are exactly the place I want to be,” said Soletski.

Soletski, as well as playing football at a high level, plans to pursue his academic career with a major in criminal justice and a minor in wildlife law and management.

“I realize that football doesn’t last forever, so that’s why I believe it’s important to develop that balance between my academic career and playing football,” said the senior.

Playing football in college, especially in Michigan, is not a new idea for Notre Dame Academy players.

Josh Cribben and Mitch Chosa, class of 2019, both decided to go to play college football in Michigan.

So what’s so attractive about NMU to Soletski?

“Most of the campus at NMU has been updated or is in the process of being updated. It’s really nice to walk around the facilities; it felt like home,” said Soletski.

If you want to see Soletski in action yourself, click the link below to watch his senior season highlights.