Schumann Enjoys Role of Assistant Athletic Director


Grace Schuh, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Anthony Schumann, assistant athletic director, joined Notre Dame Academy last January when all the students were starting to come back from quarantine and online schooling. 

“It was hard to get to know them then, but now it’s nice to see new faces,” said Schumann. This fall he appreciates seeing all of the sports at NDA. 

“It’s a lot different meeting people now than before. I want to be able to form relationships and trust like the other athletic directors,” he said. The Beaver Dam graduate wants to one day become an athletic director, but acknowledges it is “a couple years down the road.” 

His boss and current athletic director, Mr. Matthew Koenig, has no doubts about his future and feels “NDA really lucked out with hiring him.” 

“Mr. Schumann started in the middle of last year and hit the ground running,” said Koenig.  “He is very sharp, kind, energetic, personable and passionate about high school sports. He does a great job tackling every issue. Most people don’t understand how stressful our days are in this office, but his maturity has brought a breath of fresh air to this place.”

Koenig mentioned all the day-to-day responsibilities that must be handled by the athletic office, such as confirming buses, arranging schedules, dealing with officials and covering late-night events.

Schumann graduated college with a degree in sports management. He was a linebacker for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse football team and learned about the job opportunity here from Mr. A. J. Alexander, boys basketball coach at that time.

 “It is a pleasure to have him here,” said Koenig.