Sophomore Kade McCarron Plays Big Role in Hockey Success


Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Kade McCarron, a sophomore, is one of the stars on the Notre Dame Academy varsity hockey team.  

McCarron started ice skating when he was only four and playing hockey when he was six. 

“My dad really wanted my brother and I to play hockey, which is kind of how it all started,” said McCarron. 

McCarron joined the varsity hockey team in the 2020-21 season, his freshman year. 

He said he wasn’t surprised when he made varsity because of how much practice, time and effort he puts into the sport. 

His hard work and dedication to hockey shows as he plays almost all of the game and is also one of the starting players.

Over his entire hockey journey, Cory McCracken, the varsity hockey coach, has helped him–more than anyone else–achieve his goals. 

“Kade is dedicated to his team and willing to play a role that helps drive team success,” said the coach. “That demonstrates how unselfish and team-first Kade is as a person. He is agile and challenges himself to get better every day.  He very much hates to lose and is a competitive young man.” 

McCarron loves the exciting and competitive environment that comes with hockey and especially enjoys playing on the same team as his twin brother, Keegan McCarron. 

“I love playing with my brother. That’s my dawg,” said Kade. 

He continued playing hockey into high school,so he could be with his friends and share the same passion and experiences with them. 

Even though McCarron loves playing hockey with his brother, his biggest motivation is being better than him, which most of us who have siblings can relate to. 

“But of course I’m better than him, always have been,” said McCarron. 

In the future, McCarron would love to play hockey in college for University of Boston or UW- Madison.

“I love that my teammates from NDA always make me laugh and make me get better everyday.” 

One of those teammates, senior Hunter Buschke, appreciates McCarron’s role with the team. 

“Kade is only a sophomore but plays a large part in the Notre Dame hockey team’s success this year,” said Buschke. “ He plays heavy minutes game in and game out and is leaned on by the coaching staff to get the job done at any point in the game. He is a very hard worker and will be looked at –along with his brother Keegan–to lead the team in the next two years.”

To see McCarron and his teammates in action, follow the Notre Dame Academy Hockey Instagram to see their upcoming game dates.