Lady Tritons Defeat Beaver Dam, Play Menominee at State Tournament on Friday


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Notre Dame Girls Basketball team is going back to the Resch, back to state. They are the regional and sectional champs, defeating Beaver Dam on Saturday.

The team has a lot of support, and there are many vital components to their success. 

Winning games requires talent and a support system. Each player has to trust and support their other teammates. Each person has one’s back. 

The main critical components for Trista Fayta are “playing as a team, our pressured press and game energy.”

There are many elements that a team does to prepare for regionals, sectionals, and states. For the team, the coaches and players help to push everyone. In addition, performing at top speed during practice along with weight lifting has helped them to accomplish their goals.  

Not only do the players have support from the rest of the team, but their families have also aided in their success. They are always there and always believe in the team even if the outcome isn’t going their way. 

“My mom, she’s been there for me for every game and continues to push me,” said Fayta, the sophomore point guard. 

The head coach of girls basketball, Sara Rohde, puts a lot of effort into the team. She helps the girls practice hard and prepare the team for opponents. Most importantly, she helps the team focus on what is present, even when things aren’t going well. 

“Coach Sara has always and will continue to push us because she knows what we’re capable of. She puts us through challenges because she knows we can handle it and wants us to get better,” said sophomore starter Sydney Whitehouse.

Winning regional and sectional is an outstanding accomplishment, but there is still work to be done. 

“Winning sectional just means we are another step closer to achieving our goal. Our job is not finished. #wonnotdone,” exclaimed Whitehouse. 

The girls’ team has done well and will hopefully continue to succeed. Their journey is not over. 

At the Resch Center on Friday, the team will be playing against Menominee at 1:35. They are state bound and cannot wait to take home another gold ball.