No State Title But Much Pride, Success for Hockey Team


Varsity captain Callan Budinger on the ice

Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Notre Dame hockey team went to the semi finals for state this past week on Friday and unfortunately did not bring home the state title. 

Despite the loss, the team members still came home proud of this season. 

“Playing on the NDA hockey team has given me the opportunity to play in the state tournament. The experience was one of a kind. From playing against elite hockey players to hanging out with my teammates it was truly a blast,” said freshman Nathan Antti.

The game was played on Friday, March 4, in Madison, Wisconsin, against Edgewood High School with a final score of 3-1. 

The school, excited about this event, excused everyone entirely from school the day of the game.  

This time around there weren’t enough people signed up to have a fan bus but many still took the trip down to Madison finding other transportation methods. 

  This season the hockey team has amazed the crowd with how many teams they beat. 

They showed other schools just how good the team was leaving everything on the ice every game. They represented NDA in a way not every team can do. 

Not bringing home the state title can be disappointing but this season was definitely not something to be disappointed by. 

NDA played some very good games, such as one of the latest games against Neenah and NDA winning 7-2 or another game against Beaver Dam and NDA winning 5-1. 

“Playing for the NDA hockey team was a great experience. The culture is amazing and being on the team makes it feel like you have another family,” said freshman Wyatt Herres.