Connor Hawley Awarded Evans Scholarship Worth $120,000

Reese Van Pay, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Chick Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for high-achieving caddies, a scholarship recently awarded to Notre Dame senior Connor Hawley.  

NDA Spanish teacher Diane Mulroney, Northwestern graduate, was also an Evans Scholarship recipient.  The scholarship is valued at $120,000.

Tritonian reporter Reese Van Pay asked Hawley details about his award.

Q. What does this scholarship entail?

A. The scholarship sends caddies to college on full tuition and housing scholarships.

Q. What are the requirements to receive this scholarship?

A. You need a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrate financial need and be of outstanding character.

Q. How did you meet those requirements?

A. I was able to meet these requirements by working my hardest and keeping a mindset of getting the scholarship. I was able to get a strong caddie record because my name was passed around the country club so a lot of people would frequently ask me to caddy for them. 

You also need a certain number of caddy loops to get the scholarship, and I caddied well over 110 loops. A loop is 18 holes of golf. I kept strong academics by maintaining a steady GPA to get the scholarship. 

I demonstrated financial need by explaining that I will pay for most of my college expenses on my own. I demonstrated outstanding character because I explained to the WGA (Western Golf Association) during my interview that I was an Eagle Scout, served in my community and church and was a captain for the cross country and track team.

Q. How do you feel about being selected to receive this scholarship?

A. When I found out that I was selected, I was very excited. I recognized all the hard work and dedication that I went through to get the scholarship. I also recognized those that helped me to get the scholarship, and I’m super grateful for them. I told as many people as possible right away.

Knowing that I can have a head start after college is something I’m excited and happy about. I won’t be in college debt ever so I can start with my life right away when I’m done with college. 

Getting the scholarship was a goal I had before I even started caddying. When I was on caddy orientation, one of my bosses asked me why I wanted to become a caddy. I said, “I wanted to be a caddie to earn the opportunity to apply for the Evans Scholarship.”

Q. What college will you be attending?

A. I plan on attending Minnesota.