Danika Apple Breaks Two School Records–100 & 200 Yard Dashes


Carolyn Brown

Apple, center, poses with her coaches after record-breaking performance.

Joey Bonadonna, Sports Editor, Online Tritonian

Notre Dame sophomore track athlete Danika Apple recently broke not just one, but two school records in a recent conference meet at Manitowoc Lincoln.

With a 12.39 in the 100 and a 25.53 in the 200, her name is now etched in the Notre Dame record books with a lot of career left to go.

Apple, who is the sole female athlete returning from those who participated in the state finals last year in La Crosse, had only one year of previous track and field experience before high school, which came when she was in 7th grade. Despite her little experience, it has not hindered her from making lightning strike twice. 

“Last year I was close in the 100, so it was my goal to get it this year,” she said. “But the 200 was a happy surprise.”

Also a gymnast competing at the national level, Apple said some of her biggest obstacles have come from having to balance both track and gymnastics. However her athleticism has helped her compete at a high level in both sports.

With over two years left in her high school track career, she says she is hopeful that she will be able to break her own records again with some help from her coaching staff.

However, there are more short-term goals that are well within her sights.

As a part of the state championship basketball team in 2021, getting the opportunity to play alongside her older sister Charley (NDA 2021), she hopes that another ride to a state title comes soon.

“I hope to make state this year, continue (to break personal records) and get stronger throughout the years,” Apple said.

With the regular season coming to an end and WIAA postseason meets on their way, her goals are close within reach.