Junior Girls Win PowderPuff Trophy, Bragging Rights


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The annual flag football tournament, PowderPuff, returned this week bringing rainy conditions and a win for the juniors.

Almost 150 students signed up to play, and over 20 students coached and reffed the game. The referees included Max Augustine, Joey Hoerning, Tate Milton, Joe Otradovec and Jason VandenHouten. 

“It was super fun, and we were all so enthusiastic on the sidelines. We are so honored to win,” said junior Maddy Rose. 

The tournament started with freshmen playing juniors. The freshmen, coached by Cooper Aiken, Alex Ciak, Max Peirce and Bennett Chernick, lost to the juniors, who were coached by Micah Marzec, Brayden Davis, Henry Streckenbach and Brady Laviolette.

Sideline adviser for the freshmen, Mrs. Carolyn Brown, was impressed with the professionalism and hard work of the students involved. 

“The freshman coaches were so cooperative and kind, and I was impressed with the guys reffing and running the event,” said Brown. 

At the same time, the sophomores played the seniors, with the sophomores being coached by Andrew Rader, Carson VandenHouten, Nicholas Gruesen and Drew Siudzinski. The seniors were coached by Owen Wery, Joseph Hackl, Blake Osbahr and Henry Weber. In a close game the sophomores lost by one touchdown. 

“It sucks that we fell short. However, I am very proud of the seniors, and the strong effort they put in during their last year of powderpuff,” said sophomore Amelia Chrudimsky. 

The two victorious teams then went head to head for the final game, trophy and bragging rights. After a tough game, the juniors came out as champions. 

“It’s very tragic that we lost to juniors because I feel like seniors deserve to win because we’re seniors,” said Jordan Nugent, a senior. 

“We are very honored to win,” remarked junior Lauren Witczak. 

The flag football tournament has been held on and off for many years. Andrew Gruesen (class of 2018) brought it back during his time at NDA. 

We have done it ever since, and it has only gotten bigger and more fun,” said Frau Laaksonen, lead adviser for Student Government who organized the event. 

Even with the rainy conditions, family and friends came to support the tournament. Many thought that the rai

n heightened the fun and made for an entertaining night. 

“I thought the rain brought out a different side to the game that made it so fun,” said sophomore Abby Lamere. 

“I am so happy that I decided to play; the rain was bad but it almost made the game more fun! Since it was such a close game, we were so excited to have won and celebrated on the field after. Definitely worth it,” said junior Cece Deruyter.