Grzesk, Fayta Accomplish Major Milestones in NDA Basketball


Lily Arkens, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Basketball stars Gracie Grzesk and Trista Fayta were recognized during the Southwest game for the milestones they have accomplished this season. 

Fayta became the all-time leader in assists for the Tritons and Grzesk has gone over the 1000-point scoring mark. 

“It is no secret that Trista and Gracie are excellent basketball players. You can tell these two have been playing together for a long time because they complement each other so well… Gracie makes Trista better and Trista makes Gracie better,” said Assistant Coach Eliza Campbell. 

“I haven’t thought too much about my goals for next year. We are all really dialed in on trying to win a state championship this year,” said Grzesk. 

The team’s motto is” One by One,” which helps the girls to focus on one game at a time.

The Tritons will have plenty of good talent coming back for Grzesk and Fayta’s senior years. 

Fayta wants to keep on extending the assist record as well as hit 1,000 points. 

“Gracie is probably one of the most consistent players I have ever coached. Her mental toughness and production don’t fluctuate a whole lot, and I know I will get it from her,” said Head Coach Sara Rhode. “Trista makes our team go. If Trista has energy, everyone has energy. If Trista plays hard, others play hard. She can impact our game in so many ways, offensively or defensively, which is why she is so tough.”

Their favorite things about basketball is that they are able to play the game they love with their friends and not having to worry about anything else but winning. 

“I also enjoy the competitiveness and team aspect of working for the same goal,” said Grzesk. 

Grzesk likes traveling across the country for her AAU tournaments during the summer and being able to play against really good competition. 

Grzesk and Fayta signed to play basketball beyond high school. Grzesk will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Fayta will be attending Illinois State.

At Madison, “everything was a perfect fit” for Grzesk. The basketball, coaches, academics, current players and campus. 

Madison’s recruiting process was pretty stressful for Grzesk, so she is happy to now be able to focus on the rest of her high school career without the stress of having to pick a college.

“I was 100% certain of my college choice, so I was ready to commit,” said Grzesk. 

Fayta described committing to Illinois State as a “big commitment.” She is going to have to adjust to not being right at home, to the new coaches and to the new players. 

“I am super excited to play at the next level,” said Fayta.