Triton Siblings–Addison & Bryce Dahl–To Play at State Hockey Tourney


Lily Arkens, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Freshman Addison Dahl and junior Bryce Dahl, siblings, are headed to state this weekend for hockey.

Addison plays on The Ice Bears, a co-op team, with girls from Ashwaubenon, BayPort, DePere, Preble, Pulaski, Seymour and West DePere. Bryce plays right here for the Tritons. 

“My parents took me to a Gamblers game and it made me want to start playing hockey,” said Bryce. 

He started skating at the age of 4 or 5 and a few years later Addi started skating.

“A few years after I started skating, she started also. She came along to watch all my hockey and no one else in my family really had a passion for hockey before I started,” explained the junior. 

Addi was inspired by Bryce and “he has continued to inspire me my whole life.”

“I thought that it was cool what Bryce was doing, and I wanted to be just like him,” she said. 

The Ice Bears haven’t been to state in awhile, and the Triton boys hockey team has not been to state with the Ice Bears going alongside them. Thus, both teams are having a new experience.

“It was her goal to get to state this year since our team was a favorite for state already,” stated Bryce. 

The siblings have talked about being at state together before and think now it’s “super cool” since it has become a reality for them. 

“To be able to be on the same stage as he will be on is such an amazing opportunity because I have always looked up to him,” said Addi.

“I also think it’s cool that this is what my mom wanted to happen, and now it’s like a dream come true for her that we are both there together,” added big brother.

They don’t get to skate or play together often due to the fact that they have their own teams and own schedules. However, during the summer they skate together when they take skating lessons, and throughout the winter they go to outdoor rinks. 

“Addi has come to skate with us (NDA) for summer skills,” said Bryce. 

The siblings will be able to watch each other play and cheer each other on as they play one of the biggest games in their hockey careers. 

“I would tell Bryce to play in the moment and make simple plays. Don’t try to play like anybody else but yourself,” said Addi. 

“I would tell her to have fun and enjoy it while you have it. Embrace the moment because it will fly by,” added Bryce.