Sara Rohde Named Wisconsin Coach of the Year for Girls Basketball


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Recently the Associated Press named NDA’s girls basketball coach, Sara Rohde, the Wisconsin Coach of the Year for all divisions of girls basketball.

This is not the first time Rohde has won this award. It is the third time in her career and her second consecutive year winning it.

Rohde shared that her initial reaction to earning the award this year was that she was “honored and very excited for our entire team, coaching staff and program.”

She said that everyone on the team was very deserving of this award. The team thinks just as highly of her.

“Coach Sara is an amazing coach and an even better person,” shared Gracie Grzesk, a member of the team. “No surprise she won this award; Sara is determined, intense, motivated, encouraging, and always looking to improve our team. I’m so thankful to have Sara as my coach at NDA and to have had the opportunity to play for her these past three years.”

Coach Eliza Campbell called working with Rohde “a lot of fun.”

“I learn a lot on the basketball side, but the competition and high standards has brought a lot of success to the program which makes it extra fun,” Campbell shared. “Plus, the best part is that we enjoy being around each other. Sara, the other coaches and myself get along well and have a lot of fun and laughs together.”

Campbell said her favorite part of working with Rohde is “being around a program she created that does everything at a high level,” which is hard to do.  

“Sara brings high expectations and a competitive atmosphere to basketball at Notre Dame,” she said. “Plus, she does such a good job building positive relationships with our team and the younger girls in the youth program.”