Bonadonna Aims for a Career in Sporting World

Meredith James, Staff Writer, Journalism I

 Joey Bonadonna isn’t your average high school sports enthusiast.
A junior at Notre Dame Academy, the young innovator broadcasts for the Green Bay Blizzards, while also managing his high school’s football and boys basketball teams.
Bonadonna acknowledges he is not the most athletically gifted student, but his love for sports–and his knowledge of sports–has led to other avenues, such as broadcasting and podcasting.
“I am no good at sports, not good at them at all, which is incredibly ironic,” the young journalist said
His dream of a career in the sports world is not for fame or recognition, but simply for the joy he gets from meeting new faces and gaining experience.
Bonadonna manages his own podcast, which he says is “something he wishes to grow and continue” during this school year.
“I am dedicating my life to sports and broadcasting, and I am so happy I can start my dream now,” he said.
Bonadonna said his mom is his biggest supporter.  Both of them  believe that all the videotaping, all the equipment tasks and all the podcasts and broadcasting he does now will lead to the fulfillment of his passion–a career in the sports world.