Q & A with Molly Desotell, Why She Chose St. Thomas

Meredith James, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As the years of high school go by, the allure of college becomes more and more real. It does not take long for college signings, tours and decisions to really rock a senior’s world. 

For a few Notre Dame athletes, the whole college debacle poses a much larger challenge. St. Thomas College, chosen by NDA’s state finalist runner Molly Desotell, is located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. As a private Catholic university founded in 1885, it has a long outstanding history. 

St. Thomas is joining the ranks of  D1 schools in July of 2021. You can visit the college website and learn about how their athletic history runs deep. 

In this story, we will be poking at the mind of one senior in particular. Senior Molly Desotell is a celebrated cross country runner and has steadily increased in talent over her high school career. 

The Tritonian interviewed Molly about her decision to run at St. Thomas. 

Q. So what was the lure of St. Thomas for you? 

Molly: One major thing I was really looking for in a college was a big city. I loved Minneapolis when I visited and felt like St. Thomas has a great location with being a small school but also very close to the Twin Cities. So it felt like a great fit for me. 

Q. A big city is definitely a change from small Green Bay. How did you decide on St. Thomas?

Molly: A few major factors that helped me to decide on St. Thomas was a good academic school and the location in a big urban city. I really connected with the coaches and enjoyed the sense of community the running teams have that I will be joining.

Q. That seems like the perfect package! St. Thomas will definitely bring you closer to your goals. Were there other schools in the running for your talents?

Molly: Some of the other schools that I was in contact with regarding running were UW-Madison, U of Minnesota, Marquette, U of Missouri- KC, Furman University and the University of South Carolina. 

Q. You have quite the talent! How tough was the decision?

Molly: My decision was not too difficult because I fell in love with the St. Thomas campus and really enjoy the city as well. It was definitely stressful at the beginning of my college search because there were so many options, but, when I visited, I knew that it was where I wanted to go. 

Q. I myself had that similar feeling, being on my campus. What would you want to say to coaches, to parents, to anyone who supported your efforts and decision?

Molly: I really owe my coaches, family, and teammates a lot of the credit. They all helped me to be able to get to the next step of my running career. I am incredibly grateful to all of them. They helped me in so many ways and were always very supportive and encouraging no matter what happened. I am so thankful to have such an amazing support system not only at home but at school as well. 

Q. The people we surround ourselves with really do mold us into the person we become. What is your ultimate goal with attending this school?

Molly: I really just want to do what I love, which is run and compete to the best of my ability. I also want to enjoy the full college experience. I want to do well in my studies, meet new people, and hopefully fulfill my full potential in whatever comes my way. I am very excited to take this next step in my life at this amazing school. 

Q. Doing what you love and making yourself happy will be the key to success. The next steps may be scary but you are for sure on the path that is made for you. Any idea what you will major for in a college?

Molly: As of right now, I am planning on majoring in business. I am not exactly sure of the business focus, but this is my plan for now.