Druar Triplets: ‘We’re Like a Venn Diagram’

Druar Triplets:  Were Like a Venn Diagram

Payton Van Pelt, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“It’s like we have this core of stuff in common and then lots of different stuff,” said Nadine Druar, a senior at Notre Dame Academy.

“We’re like a Venn diagram,” added her brother Wade Druar, also a senior.

“Each is a different side, same center,” closed Wyatt Druar, senior and brother.

Nadine, Wade and Wyatt Druar make up Notre Dame Academy’s senior set of triplets.  In retrospect, the Druars have been riding the rocky slopes of high school with an extra two people on each of their sides.

“Just picture you have two people with you all the time who never go away,” joked Wade.

Wade Druar, described by his siblings as “blunt,” “independent,” “impulsive” and “direct,” stood with his hands on his hips and a foot propped against a chair. He stood in the middle, Nadine to his left and Wyatt to his right.

Nadine stood with one foot extended out and her hands together in front of her. Her brothers lovingly described her as “disorganized,” “goofy,” “erratic,” “dorky” and “passionate.”

And Wyatt stood with his hands at his side and in a sturdy stance. His siblings described him as “regimented,” “sensitive,” “creative” and “funny.”

Each pose reflected on each of their stark personalities and subtle similarities.

“It’s nice having people who stand by you no matter what,” Nadine said.

But often, they are grouped together, despite their differences.

“In every setting we’re known as the triplets,” Wade said. “We’re all completely different.”

“I love it when people say ‘triplet’ like it’s mutant or something,” Nadine joked.

Yet, the Druars also recognize the advantages of being so close.

“I became interested in stuff that I wasn’t interested in,” recalled Nadine, “like dinosaurs.”

Being a group of creative individuals, ranging from prose writing to filmmaking to being in plays, they accredit their honesty to polishing their skills.

“It’s like other people you ask for their opinion  usually don’t give you an honest opinion because they don’t want to hurt your feelings, but they (her siblings) don’t really care if they hurt my feelings and vice versa,” Nadine explained.

“And when you’re asking family members, they can’t really get out of it,” Wyatt joked.

Often, they receive some questionable comments from their peers.

“People ask me if Wyatt and I have a psychic connection,” Wade recalled.

Nevertheless, they agree that there is some possibility of a strange and inexplicable psychic connection.

“I’ll be thinking of a song all day and as soon as I get in the car the first song Nadine turns on without any of us thinking is the song we’ve been thinking about all day,” Wade said.

Although each of the Druars has definitive differences, they recognize how lucky they are to have this bond of family. They uphold their Venn diagram mantra.

“If he wasn’t my brother, I wouldn’t know him at all. But he’s my brother,” Nadine explained.

“It’s almost like we’re family,” Wyatt teased.

“Your family–you don’t always like them but you always love them,” she closed.