Senior Volunteers Working on Senior Issue of Tritonian

Meredith James, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

For our NDA seniors, their last year has definitely been something of a show. Still, some traditions are remaining strong. Senior superlatives were handed out a few weeks ago and collected last Friday. 

NDA is still planning a print senior issue of The Tritonian,  a journalism project paid for out of the English budget. Most of its organizers and planners are volunteer seniors working to put the paper together.

Advisers are English/journalism teachers Jean Thillman and Carolyn Brown. 

“Junior Nick Bumgardner has taught himself how to lay out print pages in Adobe InDesign,” explained Brown. “He did the Academy Awards print issue and is helping with this senior issue.  There’s a reason we call him our editor-in-chief of The Tritonian.”

Creating this project is a time-consuming task, and the senior volunteers are up for a fun challenge. 

“I always thought this issue of the paper was really cool so I thought it would be fun to be involved in the behind the scenes,” said senior Briana Fitzgerald. 

The senior issue of the paper is a culmination of seniors’ last four years here at NDA. Funny moments, memories and defining episodes are all a part of the special print edition. 

The best part about the senior project is, according to Fitzgerald, “the reward of seeing the seniors enjoying the issue.” 

It takes more than just a few people to piece together an article that will stay with the Notre Dame seniors for quite some time. Creating this issue is not entirely different than creating other Tritonian papers. Seniors are asked to remember special moments and memories they shared with other teachers and classmates.

Class President Joe Re is also taking part in producing this paper.

There’s always some pressure as not everyone will be pleased by what we create. Not everyone will be able to win a ‘most likely to…’ Not everyone’s most memorable moment at NDA will be allowed to be included. So not everyone will be completely happy with what we put out, but we’ll try our best to make it memorable,” said Re. 

Other volunteers working on the special issue include Sophie Rotherham, Julia Augustian, Madison Waldrop, Lily Kaye, Tola Adejumo and Eddie Noble.

2020 has come and gone (thank goodness) and Mrs. Brown’s brownies are still as tasty as ever. Wherever the future takes the seniors of NDA, they will always remember the moments that defined them at Notre Dame Academy.