Seniors Take on Leadership Roles

Fan Man, Mermaid and Student Body President Look to the year Ahead


Seniors Keri Salscheider and TJ LeMoine enjoy another NDA football game.

Notre Dame has some new student leaders this year. Bert Bengtson, Emma Balison, and T.J. LeMoine will be taking on the positions of Fan Man, Mermaid, and School President for the 2013-2014 school year.  Recently they discussed their expectations and ideas for the upcoming year.


What are some themes you would like to have at sporting events?

Bert: I suggested a velociraptor theme, but they wouldn’t allow it. But I’ve got some other ones in store.

Emma: I’m a huge fan of the element of surprise, but I’ll tell you that we’re introducing some super cool new themes for the football games this year.


What are your expectations for the upcoming year?

Bert: This year I expect huge crowd turnouts from all classes and major awesomeness, dinosaurs, lasers, pancake mix, etc.

Emma: I have pretty high expectations for this year. It would be stellar to get as many fans as possible to come out and cheer for our Triton sports teams. I’m also looking forward to living up to the expectations that the school has for me this year.

T.J.: I expect this year to be great. We have an amazing senior class this year with lots of fine leaders. We want to make this the best year yet.


Do you have any new ideas?

T.J.: Student Government has been working on a variety of different projects and ideas. We have been looking into new things as well as improving things of the past. Everyone should be looking forward to what is in store for this year.


Will you be changing anything this year compared to last year?

Bert: This year I am trying to make the raps of higher quality through collaboration with other musically talented Tritons. Some people you can expect to hear are the hit band “Machine Washable,” Joe Kemmerling, Jack Charles, and others.

Emma: It’s very important to keep most of the traditions set by previous leaders, but one thing I’m trying to change is the number of fans at sporting events such as cross country meets, tennis meets, track meets, baseball games and dance team competitions.

T.J.: I don’t plan on making any significant changes; however, if problems arise I will address them as need be. Why change what is already working?


Have you always wanted to be Fan Man/Mermaid/President?

Bert: Oh, YES.

Emma: Some of my greatest high school memories have been at school sporting events, and that was definitely one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be Mermaid. I want to help other students make as amazing memories as I have made.

T.J.:  Since freshman year I have always looked up to and respected the student body presidents. I have always had a desire to follow in their footsteps, but it was not until late in my junior year that I really began to aspire to the position.


Anything else you would like to add?

Bert: The more people we have, the more fun it will be. Support all the teams!

Emma: If anyone has any questions or suggestions for me, feel free to let me know. I can’t tell you all how excited I am to be your Mermaid. Go Tritons!

T.J.: I try to be an approachable and open person. I encourage and hope that if anyone has questions or concerns that they are willing to come to me for help.