Fox Cities PAC’s Beauty and the Beast Impresses NDA Students

Mallory Kaster, Senior Staff Writer

Kids and adults alike packed into the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Friday, April 11 for a performance of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Students at Notre Dame who were in NDA’s production of Beauty and the Beast in February enjoyed seeing the performance.

“I have never seen the show before (although I have seen the movie), so it was very cool to see it,” NDA junior Kristy Shuck said. “It was different seeing it from the audience’s perspective. There were a lot of things I noticed that I hadn’t noticed when I was in the cast. It was very interesting to see how they did it, compared to how we did it. It was also cool to see the props, costumes and scenery that they used.”

The show was presented by NETworks, and was only in town for one weekend, guaranteeing full houses for every performance.

Shuck, who played one of the Silly Girls in NDA’s production, thought the silly girls in this performance were funny, but at times, a bit too over the top.

“The silly girls are roles where you have to be careful that you’re not too crazy, and sometimes they went over the top,” she said. “Their costumes were very fun though!”

Shuck said her favorite part of the show was definitely “Be Our Guest.”

“The choreography was amazing,” she said. “The actor who played the carpet was scary good! I also loved the Beast’s song at the end of Act One, ‘If I Can’t Love Her.’ The actor who played Beast was an amazing actor and a very talented singer.”

Although she enjoyed the show, Shuck said there were two things she didn’t like.

“They took out three songs that were in the original Broadway production: ‘No Matter What,’ ‘Maison des Lunes,’ and ‘The Battle,’” she said. “Those are three of my favorite songs in the whole show, and I was disappointed that they took them out. The other thing I didn’t like was that some of the characters added a couple things that were just a little too inappropriate for a kids show.”

“But other than that, it was a great show and I’m so glad I went!”

The star of NDA’s production, senior Anna DeMeuse, who played Belle, also saw the show, and overall agreed with Shuck.

“The Beast was absolutely amazing and had the voice of an angel,” she said. “However, I didn’t like how they left out certain songs and segments of the musical such as ‘Maison Des Lunes’ which is my favorite song in the whole musical. And I also thought that some parts they acted out were a little inappropriate for the amount of young kids that were there which was disappointing.”

Although certain parts were disappointing, DeMeuse said it was exciting to see it performed.

“The sets and lighting were absolutely amazing, well worth it.”