How to Ask a Girl to Fall Fest Dance

Andrew Quigley, Staff Writer

At this time of year, as Fall Fest approaches, the boys of Notre Dame Academy can be found in a nervous frenzy asking their female counterparts to the dance. Posters are hanging from lockers and candy is handed out. The aroma of flowers travels about the hallways. Freshmen ask too early; seniors ask too late. Regardless of the timing, guys are in pursuit of one word from their date: yes.

Getting a girl to say “yes” is apparently easier said than done. Some guys get nervous and some girls are very picky. With the dance fast approaching, it is time to seriously consider asking somebody if that is what you plan to do. If you are nervous, there is no need to fret. The following tips from NDA students will help you get  that “yes” that you are looking for.

Junior Beaux Myers knows a thing or two about asking a girl to Fall Fest. He has asked ladies to the dance on two separate occasions, during his freshman year and again this year. Myers received a yes on both occasions. “I feel like I was really close with them, as a friend one time and a boyfriend the other time,” Myers said.

In his opinion, he sees confidence and creativity as the keys to success when asking a girl to Fall Fest: “Don’t be scared and go for something unique. It will show her that you actually care about what you’re doing.”

Reflecting on his experiences, Myers would ask later than when he did: “I was the first freshman to ask a girl freshman year. I would definitely do that over again.”

In addition, Myers sees the potential for losing a friendship with the girl that you are considering asking. He recommends taking great care when asking a girl to the dance: “Don’t be dramatic and don’t be clingy. That will scare her away.”

NDA junior Gage Garrity has different views on what is important when asking a girl to Fall Fest. He believes that flowers are necessary when asking a girl to the dance. The way he sees it, they are the way to go if a guy wants to be successful.

“Girls love flowers. You can’t go wrong with them. If you get her flowers, there’s no way that she’ll say no,” said Garrity.

In addition to flowers, Garrity sees the importance in knowing what your potential date likes. Whether it’s a hobby or something as simple as Starbucks, he recommends asking a girl through that particular interest: “Find something she likes. Ask her through that.”

As far as mistakes go, Garrity has one recommendation: don’t ask a girl that you do not know. He feels that it sets you up for failure and would ruin the experience of the dance.

“The whole night will be awkward. You would be better off going solo with a group of friends,” said Garrity.

It’s great to hear advice that guys have to offer, but what about the other side? After all, it is the ladies who are actually being asked to Fall Fest. What does a girl recommend?

Junior Anne Treleven warns against asking a girl in front of large groups of people. Whether it is at lunch or in front of a crowded classroom, she feels that it puts your potential date on the spot, creating an uncomfortable situation.

“It’s awkward,” Treleven said.

Treleven also advises that you do not ask a girl that you don’t know: “Start talking to her beforehand. Avoid the BAM, I’m asking you to Fall Fest move.”

In terms of advice, Treleven sees confidence as a must-have, as it increases your chances of getting a yes. Also, Treleven feels that it is important for a guy to ask somebody that he cares about: “She’ll be able to see if you actually want to go with her. If she feels that you don’t want to go with her, she will say no.”

Treleven believes that flowers are the best thing to give the girl that you are asking, but she thinks creativity always helps: “If you put some thought into it, she’ll probably say yes.”

So if you are nervous about asking a girl to Fall Fest, use these tips. Be confident and creative. Show your date-to-be that you really want to go with her. At the same time, don’t overdo it and respect her privacy. Don’t get too attached; Fall Fest is just one Saturday night out of many. Most importantly, good luck!