Academy Chatter: What is your favorite extracurricular activity at NDA and why?

Journalism I students

Mary Clare Matthews, freshman: “Photography club because the dark room is really cool.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Cross Country because it is Cross Country…”

Marybeth Healy, freshman: “The Chilly Bowl contest because it was great fun.”

Rebekah Boucher, freshman: “Anime club because it is amazing and everybody loves having fun which is exactly what we do.”

Karenna Lamm, freshman: “Cross Country because they are very accepting. It does not matter if you are the slowest or the fastest. You feel like a family. It is awesome!”

Abigail Comar, freshman: “I like the book club, we always have a fun time.”

Bailee Malcore, freshman: “Soccer because it is my favourite sport to play and watch.”

Anna Grzelak, freshman: “Football. I really enjoy watching it”

Elena Martin, junior: “Internacional Club because I love it.”

Mia Turek, freshman: “Cross Country because it is really fun”

Ryan French, freshman: “Football. I get to hit people.”

John Allen, sophomore: “Football. Hitting people is fun.”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “Basketball. It is the only sport I play.”

Maggie Miller, sophomore: “Cross country. I love my team.”

Morgan VanDrisse, sophomore: “Volleyball. It is a nice team.”

Molly McKenna, sophomore: “Volleyball. It makes me happy.”

Jacob Larsen, sophomore: “Boys volleyball because it is fun.”

Allison Rakers, sophomore: “Soccer because I enjoy playing it.”

Charlie Sauter, freshman: “Cross country because I enjoy running.”

Jordan Pappas, senior: “Chess club. No explanation needed.”

Maria Haske, junior: “My favorite extracurricular activity would probably be the pit orchestra for the musical because I am able to play my instrument for a cause that I am dedicated to.”

Baikai Su, sophomore: “LOL–a kind of computer game. It is my favorite because I can found myself inside of it and it is an international game.”

Nicholas Haske, junior: “My favorite extracurricular activity would be Anime club, because I can play the game really well.”

Han Lu, junior: “Basketball because I like that feeling when my whole body sweats.”

April Xie, senior: “Reading because that makes me calm down.”

Ben Cao, junior: “ Musical, because I can prove myself in it.”

Hanzhen Nie, senior: “ Basketball because it can make me strong.”
Sam Schmitz, sophomore: “Basketball because I like play as a team.”

John Taylor, coach: “ Basketball, I love teach kids play basketball, it’s make me feel completely.”

Aldo Gonzalez, sophomore: “Robotics, I like to make the program to the robot.”

Andrew Webster, freshman: “Basketball, because it’s exercise and fun.”  

Nathan Budde, sophomore: “ Fishing or guitar–one of the two.”

Mr. Fieck, faculty: “Playing flag football and basketball. It’s fun and it’s better than running.”

Ernesto Navarro, sophomore: “Soccer, because it’s fun and provides exercise.

Paul Nash, sophomore: “Video games for the thrill.”

Oliver Struger, junior: “Sign language club because we learn how to communicate in different ways.”

Matthew Re, freshman: “Sports because they are fun.”

Andy Lampereur, sophomore: “Golf because it’s fun and I like to see how far I can hit the ball.”

Marie Patz, senior: “Coming home”     

Max Roitstein, senior: “Student Government. I like seeing how things in this school run and how events are made.”    

Seela Raj, freshman: “I was involved with tennis because I love the sport.

Micah Dennis, freshman: “I am  involved with volleyball because I have been playing it for a while.”

Ben Wiesner, freshman: “I am in german club because I love the language.”

Bella Zent, freshman: “I was in tennis because I have played it for  a long time.”

Alana Mencheski, freshman: “I am in volleyball because it is my favorite sport.”

Josh Janssen, freshman: “I was in tennis since I have been playing it for years.”

Claire Edgar, freshman: “I played tennis because I am good at it and it is fun to play.”

Ryan French, freshman: “Football because it is a physical sport and I get to tackle and hit people.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “Cross country because I get to run.”

Claire Therrien, sophomore: “Choir, because I like to sing.”

Sinéad Van Dreese, junior: “Musical, because I can hang out with some of my best friends.”

Ellie Coles, sophomore: “Cross country because it’s like family.”

Nichole Michaletz, sophomore: “My favorite extracurricular activity would have to be softball because it’s a good experience to bond with a team.”

Marina Frechette, junior: “I would say tennis because it’s fun and you’re getting exercise.”

Ben Cao, junior: “I like photography club because we don’t do anything but go to Starbucks.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Drama, because I like to organize and put stuff together.”

Ariana Del Moral, junior: “Photography club because it’s about a bunch of young photographers sharing their view of the world.”

Kim Lambie, junior: “German club, because Frau is amazing!”

Chloe Ledvina, junior: “Tech team, because I love seeing what lights and sound can add to an event. I also love to work with all the technology in theater, and seeing what my creativity can produce.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Golf because it is very peaceful.”

Jett Jaraczewski, senior: “Hockey because it is my first love.”

Mrs. Leonhard, staff: “Volleyball and football because I get to watch my kids play.”

Anne Fife, senior: “Soccer because I really like soccer.”

Annika Olson, senior: “Track because I enjoy pole vaulting.”

Jacob Zeise, senior: “Horse back riding- it is just fun and relaxing.”

Ben Durkin, senior: “Lacrosse because I enjoy exercising.”

Nate Zeller, senior: “Snowboarding because I love to shred nar pow-pow.”

Hannah Lech, junior: “Soccer because it is a fun sport.”                         

Jack Allen, sophomore: “Football because hitting people is fun.”

Kaycee Gierczak, sophomore: “Basketball because it’s the only sport I play.”

Max Roitstein,Senior: “Student Government because I like seeing how things in this school work and how events are planned.”  

William Guevara, sophomore: “Soccer because I like it and it’s fun.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “Football because it is fun to play.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “Basketball because I love playing.”

Fernando Yanez, sophomore: “Football because I get to wreck people.”

Tommy Jensen, sophomore: “Basketball because it’s really fun to play.”

Connor Hennigan, sophomore: “Basketball because that’s all I play.”

Zach Roberts, sophomore: “Hockey I like hitting people and scoring.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “Football because it’s a great sport and well run program.”

Olivia Allen, sophomore: “ASTRA because I love working with others and volunteering.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “Writer’s Union because I love writing and Mrs. Brown’s brownies are the best.”

Rebecca DeBoer, sophomore: “Basketball because I love it.”

Claire Sievert, sophomore: “Cross Country because it’s like a family.”

Payton VanPelt, sophomore: “Photography club because I love it.”

Emily Lelinski, junior: “Stage crew because I love it and I’m the manager.”

Noah Jessick, sophomore: “Spanish club because I love Spanish.”

John Mogan, sophomore: “German club because of Frau.”

Alex Papacosta, sophomore: “Basketball because it’s my favorite sport.”

Emily Conard, sophomore: “Golf because it’s fun.”

Conor Hogan, sophomore:  “Basketball because it’s fun.”

Kennedy Morgan, sophomore: “Tennis because I like the team.”

Zach Kellner, freshman: “Tennis because I like it.”

Abby Anderson, sophomore: “Hockey because I love it.”

Laken Anderson, sophomore: “Yoga poses in my backyard.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “Soccer because it’s a lot of fun and a good way to relieve stress.”

Ashlyn Fitzgerald, sophomore: “Soccer because it’s fun.”

Alex Papacosta, sophomore: “Basketball because I love the team.”

Izzy Kellner, freshman: “Soccer because I’ve been playing it since I was little.”

Ben Boucher, sophomore: “Cross country because it’s a lot of fun.”

Serena Siudzinski, sophomore: “Art Club because we get to do fun projects and it’s a lot of fun.”

Jenna Savona, sophomore: “French Club because it is really fun and you laugh a lot.”

Carmen Lewis, sophomore: “German Club it bears being at home.”

Jenn Cluckey, sophomore: “Writers Union because Mrs. Brown’s brownies are the best.”

Emily Agen, sophomore: “Yearbook because it’s fun to look at all the pictures.”

Lexi Levinson, sophomore: “NDA Witness because it’s where I feel most welcomed and least judged.”

Maya Abujamra, freshman: “Cross Country, it’s a good way to stay active and have fun.”

Mitchell Grybowski, junior: “Football- it takes my mind away from the distractions and a time to hang with the family.”

Simon Neta, sophomore: “Cross country- easy fun.”

Grace Balison, freshman: “Dance Team because it is a great way to do what I love and to show school spirit.”

Duncan Riedi, freshman: “Volleyball- it’s never boring to play and always competitive”

Courtney Tilkens, freshman: “volleyball- it’s fun to be with friends.”

Steven Gerbers, junior: “Hockey- we’re very close and have fun together.”

Jadon Motquin, junior: “Hockey- it’s fun.”

Tyler Bergner, sophomore: “Track, because it makes me feel special and a part of the family.”

Drew Gunville, freshman: “Barber Shop Quartet- great group of guys and just a fun time.”

Jon Lemens, junior: “Basketball, because I enjoy gettin buckets.”

Jake Lamm, junior: “Basketball, because I get more buckets than Jon.”

Nick Messerschmidt, junior: “Basketball, because I like shaquille O’Neil.”

Zach Pethan, junior: “Baseball, because I hit dingers.”

Chris May, junior: “Soccer, because I hit Dingers.”

Matthew Carlson, junior: “Wiffleball, because I hit the dingers.”

Josh Hock, junior: “Pickleball, because It’s a great new up coming sport.”

Brendan O’Neil, junior: “Soccer, because I hit Dingers.”

Liam Gerl, junior: “Football, it’s the best sport.”

Will Motquin, junior: “Football, because of the tight pants.”

Denice Aispuro, sophomore: “Soccer, because I’m good at it.”

Esmeralda Vera-Hernandez, sophomore: “Soccer, just because.”

Marina Frechette, junior: “Tennis, it’s just that fun.”

Jake Drake, junior: “Football it is fun.”

Carter Olles, junior: “Hockey.”

Sam Drake, freshman: “Play football because i said so.”

Noah Berger, freshman: “Baseball because it’s cool.”

Cade Van Hout, freshman: “Football because it is fun.”

Andrew Wolfram, sophomore: “Basketball because i like it.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “Football, because ball is life.”

Paul Gapinski, sophomore: “Volleyball, because it’s fun.”

Erika Odberg, junior: “Figure skating, it’s the best and has the best people.”

Jon Fry, sophomore: “Hockey cause it’s neat.”

Max Polack, sophomore: “Hockey cause Jon Fry is neat.”

Cole Whatley, sophomore: “Pep assemblies.”

Jack Allen, sophomore: “Volleyball cause Grace Campbell is amazing.”

Ellie Tressler, sophomore: “Pep assemblies.”

Madi Polack, sophomore: “Volleyball because gcampbell is neat.”

Grace Campbell, sophomore: “NDDT because Tori is neat.”

Tori Gantz, sophomore: “Soccer because Madi is neat.”

Ben Durkin, senior: “Lax because lax is life.”