Freshmen Speak Out About First Days at NDA

Madison Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA is now three weeks into their school year and for freshmen these are their first few weeks of high school. Transitioning from middle school to high school can be a challenging and nerve-racking experience for some students.

Some freshmen shared their experiences and thoughts about their school days at NDA thus far.

How has the adjustment been from eighth grade to freshman year?

Grant Allen: “The adjustment has been good. The teachers understood any problems that I had the first week. I am not used to having lockers. So, it was strange keeping all of my supplies in them. Overall, it has been an easy transition for me.”

Olivia Cullen: “It was not bad. Everyone at NDA is very welcoming. The teachers are always open to help you with any questions or concerns. You have to stay caught up and try your best or you will fall behind very easily.”

Sophie Woodward: “The transition was much easier than I had expected. I have really adjusted well to the NDA family. All of the upperclassmen have been really nice and helpful to me, which made everything that much easier.”

Keegan Gille: “The adjustment was not as tough as I thought it would be. The upperclassmen are extremely friendly and make school almost enjoyable. Extremely welcoming overall.”

What are some challenges that you have had to face?

Grant Allen: “For sure my locker getting jammed. I started to panic when it happened, but thanks to Student Services, my locker was opened. Another challenge was getting used to where my classes are. The first week at NDA was hectic trying to get used to where everything in the building was.”

Olivia Cullen: “A challenge for me would be how fast teachers move and the amount of homework they give you. You may only get a little in each class, but it adds up easily.”

Sophie Woodward: “I really have not had to face any challenges so far this year. I have had a lot of help from teachers and classmates.”

Keegan Gille: “The only challenges that I have been facing are issues with time management. I am beginning to learn that I should probably start my homework before 9.”

Do you like all of your classes? What is your favorite class and why?

Grant Allen: “I like all of my classes for the most part. It is exciting getting to know new kids in my classes and participating in new classes. My favorite class is Honors English. I love Mrs. Brown because she is funny and a great teacher. I like how she makes the vocabulary tests more exciting by promising brownies to the class with the best average scores on the tests.”

Olivia Cullen: “I do like the classes that I am taking. Mrs. Brown would probably be my favorite because of her attitude toward her class. She is always in a good mood. Also, her brownies are a great thing about her class.”

Sophie Woodward: “I really love all of my classes so far. The teachers have done an excellent job with making sure we have everything that we need. I really could not choose my favorite class. They are all so different, and the teachers always bring a positive energy to the room.”

Keegan Gille: “My classes are really fun. My favorite class is by far German. Frau is outgoing and very sweet. I call her ‘Muti’ meaning mom in German.”

What do you enjoy the most about NDA?

Grant Allen: “Everyone seems welcoming. I like how NDA is like a family and that there isn’t fighting, bullying, etc.”

Olivia Cullen: “I enjoy being able to see my friends everyday in the hall. The football games are another thing that have been enjoyable for me.”

Sophie Woodward: “I really enjoy the atmosphere at NDA. You always see kids laughing and smiling. This really helped me to get over some of the fears that I had in the past. Overall, NDA has been an amazing change in my life.”

Keegan Gille: “My favorite part of NDA is the social events. I love going to football games and other events like that.”