Academy Chatter: What are your plans for spring break?

Ava Vande Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Theo Van Straten, sophomore: “I am going to London to visit the Harry Potter Studios and other big things, so I had to make sure I found a sitter for my frog.”

Tyler Foytik, junior: “I will be playing a hockey tournament in Sun Prairie during spring break.”

James Kanning, sophomore: “I will not be going anywhere or doing anything.”

Ben Wiesner, sophomore: “I will be watching a lot of Netflix.”

Drew Gunville, sophomore: “Probably hanging out with all my friends.”

Rebecca DeBoer, junior: “Going to Florida.”

Emily Seidl, junior: “I will be going on the Canton mission trip.”

Micah Dennis, sophomore: “I will be going to Wisconsin Dells and Chicago.”

Jason Kukay, junior: “Going to a foreign land called Knoxville, Tennessee, to visit my brother.”

Bella Zent, sophomore: “I will not be doing anything.”

Elliot McGinnity Schneider, sophomore: “I think I’m going somewhere in the Caribbean.”

Katie Kulick, sophomore: “I will be spending four days in South Beach, Florida.”

Claire Edgar, sophomore: “I will be visiting my brother at St. Olaf College and touring Carleton College.”

Stephanie Huss, sophomore: “Spending time with family and going to Wisconsin Dells.”

Quintin Nelson, sophomore: “Going skiing.”

Sam Van Straten, freshman: “I will be going to London with my family.”

Ryan Elinger, senior: “My family is going to Vail, but I am staying here to practice swimming. I think I will be going to ski for a day and a half.”

Gina Kerscher, senior: “I will be going on a road trip to Arizona then to Vegas and back.”

Molly McKenna, junior: “I am going to Florida and staying with my grandparents.”

Rachel Southwick, junior: “Going to Ireland to stay in a house in Galway, and then I’m heading to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.”

David Torres, senior: “I’m not going anywhere, but I am going to work a lot at your local Walmart.”

Alec Hodkiewicz, senior: “I do not have any plans for spring break, but I will probably go to GBASO (indoor skate park) and ride my BMX bike.”

Danielle Lippert, junior: “I’m going to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells for the tenth year in a row.”

Megan Yakel, junior: “I am not going anywhere for spring break.”

Jack Mickelson, senior: “I’m going to Punta Cana will some friends.”

Payton Van Pelt, junior: “Hiking and ziplining in Costa Rica.”

Rachel Sladky, senior: “I’m going to San Antonio with my cousins.”

Denice Aispuro, junior: “I am going to film for Cabaret Night and eat till I drop along with Hannah Dercks.”

Kira Gunville, senior: “I’m not sure yet. I might work, might sleep, might go to my cabin, might go on an adventure… like I said, I’m not sure.”

Ariana Del Moral, senior: “I will be going to San Diego, California, to tour UCSD. I will also be going to Big Island, Hawaii, to visit my big brother. I will be swimming with sharks and turtles, discovering a secret water slide, go stargazing at the observatory and making chocolate from scratch.”

Hannah Dercks, junior: “I will be making a film for Cabaret Night, writing a paper, reading at least three books, and I may go to Milwaukee.”

Nadine Druar, junior: “Iowa.”

Raija Hansen, junior: “This spring break, I will be attending NARBC (North American Reptile Breeders Conference) in Tinley Park, IL.”

Lachlan Johnson and Michael DeLeers, seniors: “Going to Riviera Maya Mexico with Max Liegel.”

Marisa Jacques, senior: “I am going to Texas to tour colleges that I’ve gotten accepted into.”

Kevin Santiago, senior: “Going to Mexico to visit family and travel around Mexico. I may meet up with Michael and Lachlan.”