Academy Chatter: What do you think of No-Shave March?

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Cameron Cichocki, senior: “I like No-Shave March because the guys get really creative with how they grow their beards; however, I think the ability to grow an actual beard should be required because I’ve seen some scary ones.”

Tori Gantz, junior: “I think it’s a creative way for the boys to express themselves while it’s going to a good cause.”

Clare Ravizza, junior: “No-Shave March is an interesting event because the halls of the school look so much different than the rest of the year.”

Ciara VanDreese, sophomore: “I don’t really have an opinion on No-Shave March, but I wish there was a way for the girls to participate!”

Ireland Sweeney, senior: “I like No-Shave March, especially since I’ve watched the boys in my grade slowly grow better and better beards.”

Charlie Urick, senior: “I think it’s an entertaining event for a good cause.”

Danny Stewart, senior: “I think it’s a really good way for the guys to express themselves and also their changing bodies.”

Madeline Darling, sophomore: “I think it’s a good cause, and it’s cool to see how they look with facial hair.”

Jack Mickelson, senior: “I think it’s cool that people don’t shave.”

Katie Romes, junior: “I think it’s funny how long it takes high school boys to grow facial hair.”