Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Mr. NDA performance?

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Grace O’Malley, junior: “Andrew Zipp’s last year with John Leonard and the ball; that was hilarious.”

Will Sullivan, junior: “Teddy Suda’s because it got the crowd hyped.”

Cade Vanhout, junior: “Zipp’s ‘Beyond Scared Straight’ because it was funny and creative.”

Grady Brick, junior: “When Fuzz slapped Will Pavek in front of the entire school.”

Liz Scott, junior: “Vinny Pallini when he did the pointing talent act; that was cool.”

Josh Janssen, juniors: “Matt Duffy’s dancing one where he dressed as Santa.”

Ben Hathaway, junior: “Jack Pavek with Jack Wied because it was creative and hilarious.”

Kate Sullivan, senior: “Ismaiil Nur’s performance last year because Alex Ruiz made an epic bottle flip.”

Cole Cullen, senior: “Dante Jadin’s from three years ago (dad dancing imitation) because all of the dads could relate.”

Jacob Peterman, senior: “Anything by Jack Pavek because it’s Jack Pavek.”

Lauren Welker, senior: “Greg Young’s because Gracie Degroot was his escort.”

Regan Umentum, senior: “Teddy Suda’s because talk about pure talent.”

Andrew Lampereur, senior: “Tight pants because it’s Jack and Jack.”

Sam Peterman, sophomore: “Stephen Lovell’s because the ‘YES’ dance was amazing.”

Molly Rader, sophomore: “Andrew Zipp and John Leonard’s ball dance to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.”

Carlos Zaragoza, sophomore: “I haven’t gone.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, sophomore: “Andrew Zipp and John Leonard’s ball dance to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.”

Amy Stover, staff: “Andrew Ribiero when he did a backflip.”

Sarah Lelinski, sophomore: “Andrew Zipp.”

Mariah Michalski, sophomore: “Ryan O’Connell.”

Sammy Opichka, freshman: “Ryan O’Connell’s intro video, Welcome to my Crib.”

Anna Schaut, junior: “Tight Pants dance by Jack Pavek and Jack Wied because it was hilarious.”

Grace Fangman, junior: “Johnny Santaga singing because I didn’t know he sang until then.”

Jake Gryboski, junior: “Tight Pants is pretty darn good.”

Mitch Chosa, junior: “Andrew Zipp’s two years ago.”

Katherine Fangman, sophomore: “Nate because it was really impressive.”

Ally Robb, junior: “Andrew Zipp or Ryan O’Connell.”

Stephen Scripp, senior: “Teddy Suda.”

Sam Warpinski, senior: “Ross Warpinski.”

Alex Ruiz, senior: “Ish’s last year–obviously.”

Rachel Southwick, senior: “America’s Got Talent towel dance by Nic Robinson and Cam Knight.”

Kimmy Umentum, senior: “Charlie Urick singing jingle bells with Nate and Lachlan as backup ladies.”

Trudy Quidzinski, senior: “Teddy Suda. It was the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.”

Connor Hennigan, senior: “Andrew Zipp’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’”

Seth Baeten, freshman: “I don’t know any, but I’m excited to see it this year.”

Madeline Darling, junior: “Probably Zipp dancing with John Leonard in a tutu and having to keep the ball in between themselves the whole time.”

Kaden Nimmer, sophomore: “Nate Ihlenfeld’st introduction last year.”

Sammy Opichka, freshman: “I loved Ryan O’Connell’s intro.”

Georgia Gregorie, freshman: ‘Danny Stewart’s talent.”

Katya Geyer, freshman: “Andrew Zipp.”

Henry Parrish, freshman: “Ryan O’Connell’s ‘Welcome to my Crib.’”

Lily Balison, freshman: “Max Roitstein’s ventriloquist act.”