Academy Chatter: What was the highlight of Cabaret Night for you?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Elizabeth Bolin, senior: “I loved seeing Grace Wheeler sing Billie Eilish.”

Maggie Otradovec, junior: “I had a great time emceeing in the library and introducing all the great acts. It was very fun to watch everyone perform.”

Julia Slusarek, senior: “Father Christian by far was my favorite act. He was amazing, and I was totally taken by surprise.”

Sonja Gapinski, sophomore: “Definitely Father Christian. He should probably just DJ Fallfest from now on.”

Baylee Brabazon, freshman: “The highlight for me was being able to see and hear all the different talent we have at Notre Dame.”

Bella Brabazon, sophomore: “I loved getting to see all the talent we have at Notre Dame.”

Courtney Romes, junior: “My favorite part of Cabaret Night was Father Christian’s singing. He sang in several different languages.”

Emily Landwehr, junior: ”My favorite part of Cabaret Night was looking at all the artwork. Rachel Stover’s painting was incredible.”

Joel Meglic, junior: “My favorite part of Cabaret Night was watching Owen play the guitar.”

Anna Schaut, senior: “My favorite part about Cabaret Night was Ally Robb and Charles Peterson’s performances.”

Ellie Rose, junior: “My favorite part about Cabaret Night was watching Eli Servais perform.”

Chloe Capomaccio, senior: “Father Christian.”

Abby Meyer, senior: “Being an emcee and getting to see all my talented friends perform.”

Ally Robb, senior: “Watching everything come together with the songs I did with others. A definite highlight was performing with the guys.”

Mrs. Brown, teacher: “Seeing Mrs. Bennett experience her first Cabart Night and loving the event.”

Audrey Sladek, senior: “Performing with my family and friends.”

Micah Dennis, senior: “Having my friends come and watch me perform.’

Charles Peterson, junior: “Putting a smile on people’s faces with my music.”
Abby Comar, senior: “Seeing Rachel Stover’s winning art piece and Father Christian being so happy while singing.”
Fr. Christian, staff: “The art show and band by Robert Gurnecki, Aidan Guiou, Anthony Brunette and Charlz Nash were my favorite part.”
Jack Schumer, junior:  “Seeing all the art and Rachel’s realistic drawing and all the dogs she drew.”

Grace Cooper, senior: “I really enjoyed Mr. Geiser and his band. He’s my favorite teacher, and I’m proud.”

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, junior: “I was able to see the talent that everyone had in this school. It was also awesome to spend some time with loved ones.”

Alexandra VanDreel, junior: “I liked Father Christian’s music. It took me and my friends by surprise.”

Nadine Johnson, senior: “I really liked seeing my friends perform.”

Maria Blahnik, junior: “I can’t choose a favorite moment. I think hanging out with my friends and seeing them perform was amazing. They’re all so talented and I’m glad that they had a chance to show everyone.”

Cathy Baetan, junior: “I sang a capella for the first time with three other people.”

Bella Zingler-Hoslet, junior: “Looking at all the art in the library.”

Stacy Rivera, junior: “Listening to Father Christian.”

Sam Peterman, junior: “I enjoyed the jazz concert.”

Joel Meglic, junior: “Owen Brummel was the highlight of mine.”