Get Involved: It’s Not Too Late to Join a Club

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

As clubs are having their first meetings of the new school year, it is not too late to join whatever pleases you.

Coming in as a freshman, I was wide-eyed and hesitant to join a friend group outside my own.

The activity that really helped me adjust to high school was playing football.

Having the season start in August, football helped me create friendships and some friends that I could carry into the school year.

Football is just one example of many at Notre Dame, for with dozens of clubs and various sports to partake in, it’s easy to adapt to life after middle school.

I assure you, out of all the clubs available, there is something that will interest you.

Whether that be learning new cultures, watching anime, volunteering at local shelters, analyzing literature or playing chess, Notre Dame offers it.

I urge all the freshman or sophomores that are tentative about getting involved to get over their fears.

The days of high school might seem long, but the years go by fast, you’ll be a senior before you know it.

Clubs do not only help create friendships, but they also help you to further your education.

As I fill out my college resume, it’s not just having a good GPA or ACT score to help boost you into college, it’s the extracurriculars as well.

And studies show that being involved boosts your classroom performance, betters your attendance record and keeps you out of disciplinary trouble.

So how do you join?  Just show up when you see  the announcement of an upcoming meeting and tell the adviser you’re interested in visiting the meeting to see if the club is for you.