Academy Chatter: What are your plans for Halloween?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Katie Vercauteren sophomore: ”I am going trick or treating with my little cousin Maddie. It’s her first Halloween, and last Halloween she was in a NICU/Hospital because she was a preemie baby. I’m so excited.”

Soo-Yin Brown, sophomore: “I am going trick or treating with friend.”

Carlene Goral, sophomore: ”Hang out with friends.”

Sammy Treml, junior: “Go trick or treating and go home and watch scary movies.”

Lauren Schauer, senior: “Hand out candy to the trick or treaters.” 

Will Urick, senior: “It’s tradition to get in my mascot costume, and I bike around the neighborhood scaring people.”

Keegan Gille, senior: “I’m going to Madison for Halloween weekend there.”

Frau Laaksonen, staff: “We have a neighborhood Halloween party on Friday.”

Brendan Willadsen, senior: “I’m going to stay home and hand out candy to children.”

Conner Wendricks, senior: “I’m going trick or treating by myself, dressed as a fortnite character.”

Nicholas Scott, sophomore: “I will be sitting at home watching tv and handing candy out.”

Max Timmer, senior: “I will be repping Kai Assef on Halloween.”

Kai Assef, senior: “I’ll probably rip open a bottle of virgin pina colada. Watch some crime shows in my fuzzy socks. And maybe drive around late at night listening to Metallica thinking about where my life went wrong.”

Reid Milton, senior: “I will wait until my brother trick-or-treats and then steal his candy when he gets back.”

Emmett Lawton, freshman: “I will be trick-or-treating as Batman.” 

Anna Lippert, sophomore: “My plans for Halloween are to dress up as an angel and devil with my boyfriend.”

Anna Schueller, sophomore: “Trick or treating.”

Anthony Brunette, sophomore: “I’m going to be an alien with Soo-Yin and Elizabeth.”

Grace Gunville, sophomore: “Going to Anna Schueller’s house.”

Jacob Massart, sophomore: “I literally have nothing planned.”

Emilie Chamberlain, freshman: “Stay home and watch scary movies by myself.” 

Alexandra Vandreel, senior: “Maybe watch a horror movie at home with friends or my sister.” 

Rio O’Toole, senior: “Absolutely nothing.” 

Briana Fitzgerald, junior: “Hanging out with friends.” 

Juliah Linzmeier, junior: “Hang out with friends.” 

Matej Rusiňák, junior: “To be honest, I plan to buy some candies for kids and maybe sleep. Although, my host family wants to sculpt pumpkins with me, I am not so excited about this idea. On the other hand, my philosophy class plans to come dressed like our favorite philosophers so I will probably be involved there.”

Shay Cauldwell, senior: “My plans are to hand out candy and spend time with my family.”

Lauren van Gheem, senior: “I will be handing out candy and looking at all the fun costumes.”

Ian Ernst, senior: “To carve pumpkins with friends and go to a haunted house.”

Josephine Bieker, senior: “I will probably just stay home and hand out candy.”

Felix Neta, sophomore: “I look forward to eating candy and pumpkin seeds.”

Triston Behrened, sophomore: “I plan on eating lots of candy.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “Eating candy.”

Nick Bumgardner, sophomore: “I plan on passing out candy at my house and scaring people in the process.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “My favorite part of Halloween every year is the candy.”

Tola Adejumo, junior: “Watching scary movies with friends and eating lots of candy.”

Izzy Spaulding, junior: “I’m going swimming in a spooky, purple pool while watching scary movies by a fire.”

Ammerae Peebles, junior: “I’m going to Ohio to trick or treat with my cousins and visit the Giant Haunted Mansion.”

Ethan Otto, junior: “Nothing.”

Judah Gartzke, junior: “I don’t know. That’s a good question.”

Robert Healy, junior: “Handing out candy.”

Jake Huss, junior: “Wearing my Spiderman costume.”

Dom Vanden Elzen, junior: “Handing candy out and watching spooky movies!”

Isaac Johnson, junior: “Nothing!”

Will Zellner, junior: “Doing homework.”