Top Three Konop Lunches. . . Do you agree?

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

At Notre Dame Academy, Konop serves hot lunch for our school and is known for the students’ favorite meals. For these lunch days, the line for Konop is incredibly long but worth it. Here are my top three meals at Konop.

Pasta bar day

You cannot beat pasta, let alone being able to make your own. With the ability to decide which pasta you want and what you want in it, it is the best lunch at Konop. You’re never not in the mood for pasta. It beats any lunch because it’s made right in front of you. You can always expect high quality pasta, and it is the best lunch because of that. 

Chicken tenders with mashed potatoes 

The famous “tendy day” is one of the most well-known days at Konop. The line stretches past the cafeteria and is destined to make your day better. Because this day only happens about twice a month, the hype surrounding it makes it even better. The tenders are perfect for lunch. 

Orange chicken with white rice

While not as known as the previous two, orange chicken and rice is a perfect Konop lunch. The chicken is always perfectly cooked and compliments the rice to perfection. It offers the right amount of food and leaves you smiling and satisfied. It never disappoints and is always a popular meal for NDA students. 

Honorable mentions: Bacon ranch wrap, quesadillas, waffle bar and pancakes

While these three lunches are the best Konop lunches, all of the lunches are amazing. We are incredibly blessed to have a great lunch program at our school. It is because of Tracy and her team at Konop that it is fantastic. Thanks, Konop, for making kids’ days better with fantastic lunches every day.