Academy Chatter: What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus situation?

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Triston Behrend, sophomore: “I miss being around my friends and golfing.”

Felix Neta, sophomore: “I miss hanging out with friends and watching/playing sports.”

Joey Bonadonna, sophomore: “I miss sports for sure. I’ll miss playing one more season of golf for Notre Dame with the seniors.”

Sean Manning, sophomore: “I miss hanging out with my friends and playing tennis.”

Nick Bumgardner, sophomore: “I miss seeing my friends, the baseball season and being able to be in public.

Dominic Schweder, sophomore: “I like not having to wear a school uniform, and I like being able to eat whenever I want. So being quarantined is nice.”

Felix Neta, sophomore: “I believe it will come and go like other epidemics; all you need to do is to remain calm and NOT hoard  the toilet paper.”

Cam Wyckoff, freshman: “I think that it is a very serious problem all over the world. Some people are not taking this as serious as it actually is, and I think that it is going to get worse before it gets better.”

Owen Wery, freshman: “My thoughts on the coronavirus is that I don’t know what to actually believe because I don’t know if it’s really serious and bad or if we can fight it off.”

Triston Behrend, sophomore: “My initial reaction to the world sort of shutting down due to coronavirus concerns was just a surprise, but since it’s started to affect my day-totday life and not become some faraway problem, I’ve done more research on it, and I understand just how big of a problem it is.”

Joey Bonadonna, sophomore: “I think it’s definitely a problem, but I don’t think we should be living in fear. Rather, we should be spreading love and positivity to each other from our own homes.”

Max Healy, senior: “I’m not to worry about myself or my peers, but for the sake of the elderly and infants who may not be able to defend themselves against the virus.”

Michael Hummel, senior: “I think we need to find a vaccine ASAP. It’s weird to think about that I might not run track or go to prom or make any other memories.”

Hana Reitz, senior: “It’s just really sad honestly.”

Joel Meglic, senior: “We just need to follow orders and get through this together.”

Marcus Hornacek, senior: “I just hope everyone is taking the proper precautions to remain safe.”

Alex Lamere, senior: “It’s very serious and I think everyone should practice social distancing themselves.”

Tim Turek, junior: “It’s not that big of a deal right now in Wisconsin, but I think in a couple of weeks it can be.”

Alex Broullire, senior: “While some people may feel that we are overreacting, I believe that we are simply doing what is necessary before it gets to a point where it can no longer even remotely be contained.”

Cassidy Noble, senior: “It’s obviously not good and needs to get contained quickly. It probably wasn’t taken seriously enough at the beginning to prevent the outbreak in the U.S.”

Danny Nennig, junior: “I think we’re taking good, precautionary steps to try to flatten the curve.”

Ben Smet, senior: “I think that it has the potential to get very bad, so the measures that have been taken are necessary. However, it is a bummer, especially for seniors, that we’re missing out on a lot of memories in the next month or two.”

Nick Massabni, sophomore: “I believe that it is highly contagious, but that the media blows it out of proportion.  I think that it is a pandemic, but looking at the headlines one would think it’s the next Spanish Flu.”

Tyler Neveau, sophomore: “It’s pretty deadly.”

Chris Charles, sophomore: “It’s bad.”

Nick Bumgardner, sophomore: “It’s a very concerning disease.  What’s arguably more concerning, though, is how ill-prepared we were to fight it.”

Sean Manning, sophomore: “It’s really a bad situation.”