Staying Connected With the NDA Community

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

COVID-19, as a global pandemic, has affected everyone, especially Notre Dame Academy.

Notre Dame Academy is not only a place where you learn, but it is also a home away from home, with many clubs and social gatherings.

Although Notre Dame may not be in session for the foreseeable future, there are still many activities that students can take part in with their classmates.

First, and a personal favorite, I urge students to check out the weekly prayer from our beloved Father Christian.

“My parents are extremely Catholic, so they love that Father Christian can come into our household and bless us every week,” said senior Michael Hummel.

A school-wide trivia game is another quick activity that students can take part in, with this week’s and last week’s trivia based upon guessing which teacher’s workspace was shown in the picture.

“I thought it was a fun way to see how well we know the teachers, and I guess somehow I do know,” said sophomore Molly Kukiela, last week’s trivia winner.

Triton Theme Tuesdays is another activity in which students can share their pets, their own workspace for online school, or any other fun upcoming themes with their peers.

I, yes, the writer of this article Sam Schmid, was featured on the Notre Dame social media for last week’s “pet day” theme, which means that ANY of you have a shot at being featured as well.

The adored Fan Man and Mermaid are still in action as well, creating a rap themed around isolation and quarantine, which can be found at this link:

“We just wanted to spice something up for all the kids that are stuck inside all day,” said Fan Man Howie Gerstner.

Lastly, the Corona Contest is now in session, which is a short 15-second video of what you’re doing to entertain yourself during isolation. Your creative video can be serious, funny, theatrical or any range of those ideas.

I urge students to stay connected at Notre Dame Academy and stay up-to-date with their classmates with these activities brought to the students by hardworking teachers and staff.