Advisory Idea Triggers Mixed Reactions from Students

Will Drake, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Unnecessary,” said senior Stan Bailey senior when asked how he felt about advisory.

During the summer when NDA was working on their plans to open the school, something called “advisory” became a thing.

Advisory was designed to replace students congregating at their lockers when they came into the building in the morning. The decision was based, of course, on the social distancing guidelines necessary to stay safe in the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a sense advisory took the place of our old homerooms.

In advisory students would not only gather before the start of the school day but also eat lunch in the classroom and, on certain days, go to extended activities like mass or adoration.

Every day students would spend at least one hour of the day in advisory, and on the four-period days they would spend over two hours with their supervising adviser.

Advisory groups were students from one’s grade and most were students who had or had their advisory teacher.

With no lockers in use, students would store their books and other belongings in their advisory room.

The student body has had  mixed feelings about advisory.

Some students saw it as a waste of time and rather pointless.

But some have had a more positive view on the experience. 

Senior Seth Baeten has been impacted by his adviser.

“Something about seeing Mr Morris every single day made me feel so good about myself. Between his stories and his jokes, I truly loved advisory. It was the highlight of my day,” said Baeten.

Not everyone gets an enriching experience like Baeten.

NDA senior Hogan Anderson felt otherwise:  “It has potential to be great, but it just felt like a worse version of homeroom. It would be nice if we could maybe decide who’s in our advisory, but it could be better when we return later in the year.”

Baeten also believes that there could be changes as well:  “Allowing phones in advisory would improve it because it is our break from our very stressful school day.”

Time will tell what advisory will look like the next time we are back together,