Endgame: Seniors Dealing with the Challenges of Covid


Meredith James, Staff Writer, Journalism I

It is no surprise that this pandemic has presented more than enough challenges to all of our NDA residents, most of all our NDA seniors.

Being a senior is always something to look forward to, from the hopes of getting into college to graduating with your friends and even your last dance and football game.  Being a senior should be a high hope to end four years of being shaped into the person you are.

Unfortunately, this pandemic year has put many senior goals on pause. 

Senior Emma Sullivan shared, “Having a prom this year is something I am really looking forward to. It would be disappointing if I never got the chance to experience it.” 

It seems that among our senior community, the hope for a prom is high. Something maybe even more unforgettable are the bonds our seniors form during sports and other activities around the school. With the decision to put many fall sports into the spring, senior athletes are set back months in training and competitions. 

Senior Anna Kyles stated, “I miss dancing at the football games with my teammates. It made the season so exciting.” 

Another senior track athlete, Kennedi Turiff, expressed her worry about the sport changes. “I hope this year I can run at least one track meet, to end my high school career doing what I love.” 

Aside from the sports and activities cancelled due to COVID, many seniors are seeing their hopes to visit colleges outside of Wisconsin and even in Green Bay being pushed farther and farther away. 

As busy as your senior year may get, the fear and excitement of college applications seems more pressing than usual since college visitations have become difficult and too often virtual.

 “The pandemic has really put a damper on my college search process. I didn’t have any time to interact with any colleges my junior year because of the quarantine,” said senior Melanie Burnell.

While completing senior year and graduation may be the biggest goal our seniors have this year, everyone in the class of 2021 is wondering, what will come next? For them, for their families, for their school? Will the virtual world be the end reality for our NDA seniors?

It is undeniable that while school activities and events are so important to our seniors, the effects it has on our senior families are just as important. 

Alex Brabant explained, “There’s just something about a classroom that can’t be replicated at home while my family is dealing with the virus. I just miss being able to socialize with my friends.” 

This year has definitely presented some challenges for our seniors, but it seems that they never back down from a challenge. 

“The pandemic has made me worried about the future with school and relationships, but I have been given this extra time to learn more things, find out what makes me strong and adopt new skills,” senior Chloe Forbes said. 

At the end of all of this, NDA seniors hope for a good end to their last year at Notre Dame, hope that underclassmen really enjoy the time they have been given and remind everyone not to take anything for granted.