Father Jordan Harassed for Feeding the Poor?

NDA’s Father Jordan Neeck has been in need of police protection because of harassment stemming from his passion for hunting.

Father Jordan has been legally hunting the grounds of St. Norbert since he first came to live with the Norbertines. But this year, trail cameras have been stolen, trees have been spray painted and his tree stand vandalized in a way that could’ve been deadly.

What these vandalizers are doing is very wrong. Father Jordan is hunting so that later he can bring the meat over to Paul’s Pantry and help people that need food during these hard times. Besides, the deer population in Green Bay is very much overpopulated, something you can acknowledge by simply driving by the Abbey. Almost every time I drive by, there are deer in the fields. The overpopulation of deer can lead to a lot of road kill considering the busy street the Abbey is on.

Following up on this, a week or so ago my family and I were driving by the Abbey and pulled over in a parking lot on Riverside Drive to witness an almost eight-point buck along with several other deer. I know for a fact that many hunters would love to hunt those grounds, and because Father Jordan has the legal right to do so, why is it a bad thing to enjoy being outside?

After hunting the animals, Father Jordan donated the food to Paul’s Pantry.  Why should these criticizers have a problem with this? If I were Father Jordan, I would feel proud having contributed to a good cause in a hard time in our society.

Father Jordan has harvested four deer during his time at the Abbey and this was his first year being harassed about it. I know that there are always two sides to a story, but I don’t really believe that the people that have been vandalizing his tree stand have a good point to be made.

This story even went national on Fox News,  and according to Fox, Father Jordan’s first encounter was when an individual came up to him and said, “ Shame on you.” The local police verified Father Jordan has followed DNR rules and regulations and is totally legal in hunting on Abbey grounds.

I hope he continues to do what he is passionate about, and I hope he can do it safely.