Staying Motivated Difficult with Virtual Learning

Sarah Wingert, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Did you go from being a A average student to a C average student over this pandemic? If you have, you aren’t alone. Many students, including myself, have fallen behind in classes.

Junior year, I had so much motivation, but now I have no motivation to even do the simplest assignments. Some days I have so much energy and want to get my work done. Others–all I want to do is be alone and sleep. At a certain point online school has become draining.

In most of my classes nobody except the teachers talks. One class after the next is a lecture. We stare at our screens for hours on end trying to stay focused. At the end of the day, it’s very easy to zone out and get distracted by the smallest things. 

During this pandemic, thousands of students have struggled with mental health. It has become a rising concern across the world. A large number of students have fallen into depression and most don’t know how to fix it.

During all this alone time, your mind starts to wander. I have spoken to many people about their mental health and almost all of them said that they have gone into a really dark headspace. People aren’t reaching out for helpful resources, such as therapists, because they are too scared. I mean how could you not be hesitant. It is scary having to share your feelings and what has been affecting you. What some people seem to forget is that there is always an option available. You can contact a teacher that you trust, the school counselor or a licensed therapist. 

We have little to no social interaction, if you are following the rules, and we are stuck in our houses. Without being in school, it is easy to fall behind because you don’t have to see your teachers face to face. There isn’t that sense of guilt when you don’t turn in your assignments on time because you aren’t directly talking to your teacher.

Whether you like it or not, school is a great way to interact with people. I miss being in a classroom filled with people. There is no looking forward to the next class because you know it’ll be the same as the last.