Academy Chatter: What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Owen Wery, sophomore: “I won my family cornhole tournament when I was 10.”

Braedon Curtin, junior: “My favorite Christmas memory was from last year. My cousin had been deployed in the military for awhile and he came home and surprised us all on Christmas. This was the best surprise we could’ve gotten.”

Aidan Clancy, junior: “My favorite Christmas memory is hanging out with cousins on Christmas Eve.”

Jason VandenHouten, sophomore: “My favorite Christmas memory was Christmas in Florida with my extended family.”

Ethan Crane, sophomore: “I remember one Christmas a few years ago, my family went to Christmas Eve mass with my uncle and grandparents. Afterwards, we planned on going to dinner without reservations, just assuming some place would be open. We couldn’t find a place and ended up all driving around for a half an hour or so, just looking for somewhere to eat. We ended up at the Radisson, as some of the only people in the restaurant. That was a neat experience I’ll remember for a while.”

Will Drake, senior: “I hit a nasty bench personal record on Christmas Eve last year.”

Elizabeth Williams, junior: “Going to Nicolet with my family on Christmas Eve.”

Max Rader, junior: “Waking up every Christmas morning.”

Holly Perks, junior: “Going to meet Santa in the North Pole.”

Grace Gunville, junior: “I beat my boyfriend in cribbage my first time meeting his extended family and they all cheered for me.”

Ethan Wall-Atim, sophomore: “When we went sledding in a huge snowstorm.”

Kaelynn James, senior: “My favorite memory is going to my great-grandma’s house and being there with all of my family.  We never really get bored because of how many of us there are.”   

Soo-Yin Brown, junior: “My favorite Christmas memory was from 2nd or 3rd grade when my family went to the Dells to visit my grandparents and cousins to exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas together.”  

Anna Schueller, junior: “We hang out with family, eat and exchange gifts.” 

Mrs. Katie Bialk, Student Services: “Cookie baking day with my mom, sister and kids!”

Ms. Hailey Frederick, Math Dept.: “I think spending Christmas Day at my grandma’s house with all my cousins and just having a big party of hanging out and watching movies, eating cookies.”  

Anthony Farone, senior: “Being able to spend time with my family from Chicago.”

Joey Bonadonna, junior: “Going to Chicago two years ago with my mom.”

Jack Christensen, senior: “I would say being able to really prioritize time with family without having to worry about any stress from school.”

Aiden Wolfram, senior: “Santa.”