Academy Chatter: What made you choose NDA for your high school experience?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Suzie Allen, sophomore: “My parents made me come here, but I’m glad I did.  I like the academic challenge and even appreciate the faith element.”

Gracie Grzesk, freshman: “ My parents wanted me to go to a Catholic-based high school and get a good education while doing so.  It was also a feeder from the GRACE middle schools.”

Aubrey Guyette, sophomore: “ I chose NDA because I knew I could get the help for my academics that I need. I also knew that I could become closer to God and grow in my faith.” 

Hope Barington, sophomore: “I chose NDA for high school because it gave me the opportunity to thrive in my academics as well as grow in my faith. It also provided me with a good sports program to be a part of.”

Delaney Gallagher, sophomore: “I chose to attend NDA because I knew it would challenge me academically while also allowing me to grow closer to God and others in the community. Between the academics, sports, and faith aspects of NDA, I knew it would be the best fit for me to excel and grow as a person. 

Trista Fayta, freshman: “I chose NDA because it was where some new friends that I met through AAU were going to high school, and NDA has a better basketball program and better academics than my old school, so we made a decision to move and give it a shot.”

Sydney Whitehouse, freshman: “My parents thought it was best for me to attend Notre Dame because it helps me grow in my faith and at an academic perspective as well. My dad is also an alumni for Premontre and my sister also attends NDA.” 

Sammy Opichka, senior: “I chose NDA for many reasons. Academics, athletics, and my parents being alumni of the sister schools were all contributing factors.

Samantha (Sammy) Treml, senior: “Going to NDA was not chosen by me, but was chosen by my mom and dad. I am grateful for the friends I have made.”

Kate Treankler, junior: “I really just went with the flow, there were a few certain people that pushed me to strive for the best, and some that did not. I really just wanted to be me and have the best experience I could have.” 

Hannah Greisen, freshman: “I ultimately do have the choice of where I want to go to high school. The biggest reason I chose Notre Dame was due to the fact I would be able to grow in my Catholic faith. Notre Dame offers so many faith-driven opportunities.”

Audrey Drust, freshman: “For me a lot of my friends were heading to Notre Dame, and I felt I would feel more welcome if I went where I knew people. I also chose NDA because of the classes that would challenge me academically.” 

Kennedi Turiff, senior: “I chose to make NDA my high school of choice because the large majority of my friends were also attending Notre Dame.”