Academy Chatter: What made you choose NDA for your high school experience?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Samantha (Sammy) Treml, senior: “Going to NDA was not chosen by me, but was chosen by my mom and dad. I am grateful for the friends I have made.”

Kate Treankler, junior: “I really just went with the flow, there were a few certain people that pushed me to strive for the best, and some that did not. I really just wanted to be me and have the best experience I could have.” 

Hannah Greisen, freshman: “I ultimately do have the choice of where I want to go to high school. The biggest reason I chose Notre Dame was due to the fact I would be able to grow in my Catholic faith. Notre Dame offers so many faith-driven opportunities.”

Audrey Drust, freshman: “For me a lot of my friends were heading to Notre Dame, and I felt I would feel more welcome if I went where I knew people. I also chose NDA because of the classes that would challenge me academically.” 

Kennedi Turiff, senior: “I chose to make NDA my high school of choice because the large majority of my friends were also attending Notre Dame.”