Could the Girls’ Win at State Be the Start of a Return to Normal?

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year girls basketball had four seniors that were able to experience a once-in-a-life time opportunity. Saturday the girls basketball team won the division two state basketball title, bringing home the gold ball.

Thanks to the pandemic there were a lot of rules and circumstances that the team encountered. However, they accomplished them all as a team. One change this year was the lack of a jump ball and a need for athletes to wear masks. 

Another major factor was the number of fans allowed. At the beginning of the season, no spectators were allowed to the games. As the season progressed, more fans were allowed.

“Fans are a game-changer when playing. It brings so much energy and adrenaline. I love our fans!” exclaimed Georgia Gregoire.

 This year has been one of the most unusual but memorable years, especially for the seniors.

The basketball girls were able to escape the curse of Covid and accomplish this one last goal during their senior year. They have built strong bonds that will last a lifetime, and they will always have this everlasting friendship.  

“Our chemistry is what made this team great, on and off the court,” said Gregoire.

Hopefully the upcoming sports season–a mixture of spring and fall sports–will only continue the enthusiasm and achievements of the girls.

Not only did we have an amazing performance by girls basketball this year, but we also have the Academy Awards coming up. Over the years we have had amazing performances in the Academy Awards, but for Gregoire, there have been too many great performances to choose her favorite.