Academy Chatter: What is the best part of being back to school in person?


Ava Van Straten, senior: “My favorite part about being back in person is seeing my friends and teachers.”

Bennet Smith, senior: “The best part about being back in person is that I have a much easier time paying attention in class.”

Harrison James, junior: “I think the best part is being able to socialize with my friends and teachers.” 

Lilian Kaye, senior: “The best part for me is seeing all of my friends!” 

Emma Sullivan, senior: “The best part about being back is being back in the community, seeing my friends and having structure back into the school day.”

Mr. Johnson, band director: The best part is getting to make music together again!”

Alex Schrader, senior: “Getting to see people.”

Sienna Callaway, freshman: “Seeing my friends.”

Grace Gunville, junior: “It is nice to see friends again.”

Hannah Weiss, senior: “A little sense of normalcy.”