When Something Comes to an End. . . .


Meredith James, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

It is bittersweet when something good comes to an end. Although your four years of high school are not good all the time, there are memories within these years that will remain with you forever. 

Seniors this year have had a taste of something totally different. While we were riding the virtual school wave, senior year has almost come to a close. Some seniors have been fully vaccinated, while others have been in a virtual school world since October. 

One of our seniors, Chloe Forbes shared some words on how she was feeling as her senior year was coming to an end. 

“I am totally surprised and shocked that my high school career is already ending,” the senior said. “This summer is going to be one of the best summers ever, before everyone leaves.”” 

It definitely is a summer to make as many memories as possible before our seniors leave for their next step in life. Our teachers that have seniors are also trying to make these last few weeks something good to remember. Mrs. Brown, who has an advisory of seniors and has a an all-senior IB class, shared how she’s feeling about the end of the year. 

“I’m already planning on having our IB summer party of boating, cooking hamburgers and celebrating IB scores,” she said.  “As bad as this year has been, I feel grateful we’re all together for the conclusion and the normalcy of almost everyone being  in the classroom.  Last year’s seniors didn’t have that time together as a class at the end of the year.”

Whether you are a senior on the court, on the stage or on a track, your senior year is something that will remain with you. This year’s FanMan shared how he felt about his senior year coming to an end. 

Summer is basically the main thing on my mind right now, and hopefully I will spend most of it with friends when I am not working,” said Jack Christensen. “Most of everything this year is different from other years, which is unfortunate, but we made the best of it.” 

It was also a different kind of year for the freshmen, who didn’t get the usual indoctrination into high school. “Hopefully they will get to go to one of the remaining home football games,” said Brown. “It was so exciting last week when we played and students, juniors and seniors, were in the student section.”

“All in all, I want these last few weeks to be special for both my seniors and my freshmen.  Hopefully the fall start will be the way it “used” to be,” said the English teacher.