Academy Chatter: What has been the highlight of your school year?

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Alex Brabant, senior: “The cross country season was the highlight of my year.”

Kylie Callaway, junior: “I enjoyed all of the activities our school was able to have during the pandemic.” 

Sienna Callaway, freshman: “More people coming back to school and being able to see them.”

Abby Hofacker, junior: “Getting to come back to school and interact with people face to face again.”

Anna Massey, junior: “The highlight of this year was school being able to be somewhat normal again.” 

Joe Diny, junior: “Getting to play against Racine Park.”

Cade Milton, junior: “Getting back to football games.”

Jack FitzGerald, junior: “Getting runner-up not once, but twice. Academy Awards and then Fan-Man.”

Garrett Watzka, junior: “Joining Mr. Smits’ regular chem.”

Elliot Zent, junior: “Getting back to tennis.”

Chris Charles, junior: “My highlight of the year was getting back at school and seeing friends again.”

Charlie DeRuyter, junior: “Getting to come back to school.”

Ethan Pischke, junior: “Being able to watch girls’ soccer.”

Carlene Goral, junior: “My favorite was Academy Awards.”

Sam Gille, junior: “Getting to see Joey Bonadonna.”

Max Rader, junior: “Friday night football against Kewaunee because I don’t go to school.”

Grace Mongin, senior: “The bus ride back from the football game in Racine.”

Will Drake, senior: “Beating Menasha in Week 1.”

Tyler Neveau, junior: “Mr. Smits’ chemistry class.”

Maxwell Baek, junior: “Getting to experience school in a different way since I was online.”

Emma Rose Sonnerburg, senior: “I honestly don’t have an all-time favorite, but I loved it when I played tennis the start of my senior year.” 

Sophie Hornberger, junior: “The spring play was for sure the highlight of this year for me. I was able to connect with so many people.”

Skylar Schlutz, junior: “Being a part of the musical was definitely the highlight of my year.”

Bella McCarron, senior: “The highlight of my last year here at Notre Dame is definitely being able to go to football games and see my friends!” 

Heidi Lulloff, senior: “Definitely being able to go to the football games, those are so fun! I also love being able to eat lunch with my friends again.”

Kennedi Turiff, senior: “Definitely for me is getting closer and closer to graduation.”

Isaac Johnson, senior: “The highlight of my year is being able to be back fully in person and see my friends or teachers.”

Maddie Scripp, freshman: “The highlight of my year has definitely been being on the tennis team. I have bonded and made so many new friends. I am so lucky to be a part of it!”

Kate Treankler, junior: “The highlight of my junior year is definitely meeting someone who has taught me how to love myself.” 

 Harrison James, junior: “The highlight of my year was being able to work on a live show or the play this year.”

Lucy Brada, junior: “My favorite was the first cross country meet of the season. I was so excited.”

Chloe Tilkens, junior: “The highlight for me is being in Mrs. Brown’s Creative Writing class.” 

Autumn Mayer, junior: “My highlight of this year is seeing Mrs. Brown every single day, multiple times a day.” 

Alex Brabant, senior: “The last day of filming the musical was amazing and definitely my favorite moment.”

Anna Lippert, junior: “Participating in the spring play has been my favorite part of this year, hands down.”

Ms. Kordus, SNC Block Student: “A highlight of this school year has been being able to live/be at SNC with my friends and the ability to take classes in person. I also am so glad that I joined the swim and dive team!”

Anna Schueller, junior: “The highlight of this year is getting to see friends, especially in the lunchroom.”

Hannah Beals-Romero, sophomore: “The highlight of this year is getting to see friends.”

Joel Ortega, sophomore: “Everyone coming back to school to see their friends, so they can get a sense of normalcy.”

Dale Nienow, junior: “The highlight of this year is starting to get back to normalcy.”