Academy Chatter: What are your plans for the summer?

Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Nick Bumgardner, junior: “Putting NDA’s first state baseball trophy in the trophy case.”

Andrew Delvoye, junior: “Going to La Crosse for my cousin’s graduation.”

Will Drake, senior: “To become the next Arnold Schwarznegger.”

Jack Salzwedel, senior: “I’ll be working all summer.”

Jeremy Schneider, sophomore: “This summer, I’m planning on going to the beach with my friends and going to lots of baseball games.”

Renee Porod, senior: “Work and spend time with family.”

Emma VanHoof, junior: “To hang out with friends and have a break from school.”

Hannah Beals, sophomore: “We’re hoping to go on vacation to Mexico, and I want to get a job.”

Callan Budinger, junior: “I am going to Montana for a week, hang with friends and fish.”

Faith Barington, senior: “I am life-guarding all summer, splitting my time between the Kroc Center and the Oneida Country Club.”

Angelica Zaragoza, sophomore: “I am going to work at Bay Beach this summer.” 

Meredith James, senior: “My plan this summer is to work and prepare myself for college. Oh, and spend time with my best friends. “

Chloe Forbes, senior: “I will be working at Brickhouse this summer and trying to enjoy the sun as much as possible.”

Renee Porod, senior: “I will be working this summer and hanging out with my friends before leaving for college.” 

Maggie Thillman, junior: “I will be working this summer and checking off some college application boxes. Hopefully I will have time to continue my EE.”

Libby Rickards, senior: “The height of my summers will be getting ready for college.”

Melanie Burnell, senior: “I will be causing absolute chaos this summer; those are my plans.” 

Briana Fitzgerald, senior: “I am going to North Carolina this summer and going to the beaches!” 

Madison Waldrop, senior: “I plan on working more to save up for college!”

Eddie Noble, senior: “I will be working 40 hours a week, and I’ll be taking the weekends off to go out on my boat!” 

Kylie Callaway, junior: “I am excited to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica this summer.”

Sienna Callaway, freshman: “I am excited to go camping and swimming with my friends and family.”

Gavin Forbes, sophomore: “Definitely the fishing season.”

Soo-yin Brown, junior: “This simmer I am most excited about hanging out with friends and the break from school.”

Tyler Neveau, junior: “Traveling and spending more time with family/friends.”

Jeremy Jarocki, sophomore: “Play video games.”

Jude Frigo, junior:  “Work a lot more and practice for esports.”

Maxwell Baek, junior: “Practice golf and take a lot of time to relax, but mostly play video games” 

Eli Frigo, junior: “Play Minecraft, do summer gym, hang out with friends.”

Alex Boye, sophomore: “Hang with friends, work, and have fun.”