Academy Chatter: Who is someone you admire and why?

Academy Chatter:  Who is someone you admire and why?

Staff Writers, Journalism I Students

Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: ”My mom because of how strong, independent, and hardworking she is.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “My mom because she has always been a huge inspiration to me and a great role model.”

Mia Miller, freshman: “Lauren Conway because she is always so dedicated to what she does, and she always has such a positive attitude and welcomes everyone.”

Eva Passel, freshman: “Kylie Jenner because she was the youngest self-made female billionaire.”

Grace Corraveu, staff: “My mom because she is a very well-balanced level of caring and also demanding, which I’m sure the students who have had her are aware of. She has high expectations for good reasons.”

Grace Durkin, junior: “I look up to my stepdad because anything he sets his mind to he accomplishes and it’s inspiring.”

Charlotte Benner, junior: “I look up to my mom because she has made her life so great through such a different way than most people do. She is extremely smart and kind.”
Maddie Patrickus, junior: “I look up to my mom because she is hardworking and still has fun doing her job.”
Addie Weiss, Junior: “I look up to my grandma because we’re very similar ,and she’s everything I want to grow up to be. She’s so kind and selfless and makes everyone feel loved.”
Emily Hoeppner, Junior: “I look up to my mom because she is able to face any challenge with a smile and always looks on the bright side.”

Peyton Musial, freshman: “I admire my parents because they are always there for me.”

Cassandra Schounard, senior: “Someone I admire is my mom. She is so unbelievably strong and resilient. I admire how she always puts everyone else before herself. Despite being put through so many challenges, she still manages to be the best mom imaginable.”

Frankie Wied, freshman: “My mom because she has played a huge role in my life and is the person I strive to emulate everyday.”
Maddie Wolfram, freshman: “I admire my brother because he is always there for everyone no matter what.”

Sam Smet, senior: “I admire my older brother Ben.”

Josh Zehmz, senior: “I admire Fat Albert.”

Eva Gillet, junior: “My cousins because they are always there for me.”

Carolyn Brown, staff: “I admire Frau because of all the things she does for Notre Dame and how hard she works. She’s strong and she’s creative.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “My friend Sophia because she has always been there for me and she is a great role model.”

Toluwanimi Adejumo, sophomore: “My sister is someone I admire. She is a fantastic role model.”  

Kailey Gulmire, sophomore: “I admire my dad. He is a pretty cool guy.”

Cece Deruyter, sophomore: “I admire my older brother because he is smart and has high standards.”

David Mckenna, sophomore: “Someone I admire is my older sister because she works hard at everything.”

Ariana Martinez-Martinez, sophomore: “I admire my sister because she is very outgoing and everyone thinks that she is funny.”

Eva Gillet, junior: “My cousin because she’s always there for me, she’s a good friend and she’s very caring.” 

Lucy Brada, senior: “My dad or one of my sisters because they have a strong mind set and they work hard. They never give up and they both have done great things in life.”

Olivia Stefl, senior: “My dad because he is always there for me and always makes me laugh. He is supportive of me and everyone likes him. He is extremely helpful and always laughing and making jokes or doing stupid dance moves.”

Olivia Lin, senior: “A person who inspires me is myself. I have a lot of bad days and things to learn, but I love who I am on the good days. I think I am a good friend, and I always try to be there for others. I’m happy that I know I will always continue to grow as a person and improve. Sometimes I’m insecure about who I am, but it’s a process and I’m always learning.” 

Parris Brice, senior: “I would have to say my inspiration comes from my grandmother because I see myself within her.  She is like a sponge that absorbs everything around her and knows how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.”

Grace Borys, freshman: “My little brothers because they went through so much when they were young.” 

Sydney Whitehouse, sophomore: “Probably my dad because he always puts others before himself. He wants the best for me and is always there if I need him or anything. He’s very wise, funny, and successful.”

Kinsey Gallagher, freshman: “I admire my mother. She is such a strong woman and can get through whatever she needs to. She inspires me everyday in so many ways.”

Violet Korpal, freshman: “I admire my aunt because she does everything possible in her power to better the world.”

Zinash Ham, freshman: “I admire my mom because she is a very strong woman that is always there for me when I need her, and she gives me great advice.”

Bennett Madson, freshman: “I admire my dad because he is inspirational.”

 Lucy Lawton, freshman: “ I admire my mom because she is able to balance a busy schedule.”

Adah Danen, freshman: “I admire my mom because she hardworking and is the strongest woman I know. She’s an amazing mom and role model.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “My dad because he has always been a good role model and is my biggest inspiration in everything I do.”

Sydney Berndt, sophomore: “I admire my sister because she has a really good work ethic in school.”

Maddy Rose, sophomore: “I would say my mom because she is smart, kind, hardworking, and she is always there for people.”

Ava Sullivan, sophomore: “One person I admire is Audrey because she is determined with what she does and puts so much effort into what she is passionate about. On top of that, she’s still always there for her friends whenever they need her. I feel like I can tell her anything. Her humor is also the best, and I just think she’s an incredibly talented person.”

Luci Cuene, sophomore: “My dad because he always is himself and is outgoing.”

Matiah Christenson, sophomore: “Someone who inspires me is my grandpa because he works hard and is a great person to look up to.”

Sam Behrend, freshman: “I admire Nicholas Gruesen for his outstanding leadership and his ability to try new things.”

Greta Fangman, freshman: “Jesus because he died for us and is our savior.”

Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: “My mom because of how strong she is.”

Peyton Musial, freshman: “I admire my brother because he is always there for me.”

Father Jordan Neeck, staff: “Jesus because I share in his priesthood.”

Alex Danen, sophomore: “Kevin Heart because he is a staple and the funniest actor I know.”

Vlada Klymenko, junior: Polina Pushkareva, she was born as a very poor family and at 20 she became a millionaire who lives in NY and has a lot of celebrity contact. I like her determination and her ambition.”

Anita Mannuzzu, senior: “My grandmother because she is a powerful woman and she never gives up.”

Billie Boone, sophomore: “My mom, she is an example for me in everything, and I am trying to do the same as her everyday.”

Grace Durkin, junior: ”My biggest inspiration is my step dad because he is a hard worker and anything he sets his mind to he accomplishes.”

Sophia Schauer, senior: “Mrs. Bialk because she helps you with anything you need and she is the best learner.” 

Soo-Yin Brown, senior: “My aunt because she is always there for me and has an answer for every situation.” 

Grace Nimmer, senior: “My parents because they inspire me to be the best I can be everyday.” 

Emma Vanhoof, senior: “Grace Delveaux because she is always there for me and is always there to listen.”

Saul Bautista, junior: “My mom because after her divorce she was in a very bad place, but she pushed herself to get back up and move on.”

Audrey Gagan, senior: “My grandma because she finds the way to see the positive in every situation.”

Iris Parmar, senior: “I admire my dad because he is one of the most hardworking people I know because he took himself from basically nothing to self measurably successful.”

Abbi Anderson, senior: “I admire my mom because she puts everything before herself.”

Sarah Hennigan, senior: “I admire my mom because she’s strong-willed and firm in her belief.”

Adam Jadin, junior: “Connor Dreier because of his courage to be who he is.”

Mrs. Mattke, staff: “Former students inspire me. Watching my students from lower income situations achieve their dreams.”

Mr. Prudisch, staff: “My wife inspires me because of her work ethic. She is a full-time veterinarian technician and on top of that a full-time mom.”

Mrs. Bennett, staff: “My mom because she always saw me as my best self, so I work hard everyday to live up to her vision of me.” 

Mrs. Julie Campbell, staff: “My children because I am in awe of how intelligent,strong and compassionate they are.” 

Mr. McGowan, staff: “Abraham Lincoln because he was the best president ever. He had a lot of humility and his work ethic was incredible. Also he led the country through the most trying time, the civil war.”