Let’s Keep Politics Out of Our Relationships

Lets Keep Politics Out of Our Relationships

Grace Schuh, Staff Writer, Journalism I

One of the biggest problems about the United States is politics and the bad things involved with politics. Everything nowadays is about politics and that is where people start to divide. No matter what “side” you are on, there will always be a division line. That line will make or break you or your relationships with others. This problem is not only among adults but also involves the students that are at schools. 

There are really only two sides that you see now. You have the Democrats and the Republicans. No matter what your values or anything that you believe, you will always be labeled as what your political views are. When you want to start showing which side or what your views are, you get turned down no matter what. You get judged, get dirty looks or even hear talking behind your back. 

I see this in my everyday life. I see people not trusting or making smart comments to others about a sweatshirt or someone’s appearance. Our school has views that some respect and others don’t. I don’t care what your views or your standpoints are, you should respect anyone and their opinions. 

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university,” said Albert Einstein. Even back when politics weren’t this involved in our lives, they still respected everyone and their values. They still respect people’s decisions and views no matter who they are, because they are people like you and me. 

 In school life, there are things that you can tell about what politics have done. People don’t hang out with others that don’t have the same values. Others don’t respect people’s voices, and others judge the way that we think or believe. We shouldn’t have to judge or not sit by a person because we don’t believe in their views. We should come together and be one and respect those around us and the thoughts that they have. 

The biggest thing is that if we don’t involve ourselves with politics, we don’t have to disrespect each other. If we keep politics from the classrooms and keep things simple, then we don’t have to worry about being divided. We can be united in something else and not divided by the way that views are. And I do get it if you don’t agree with others’ views, but we should still respect them. We can still be friends and have a relationship with them. It doesn’t have to be a Democratic group and a Republican group. It can be mixed because we should all respect each other and leave the politics at home.