Academy Chatter: What is your favorite winter activity?

Academy Chatter:  What is your favorite winter activity?

Staff Writers, Journalism I

Jay Strain, senior: “My favorite winter activity is snowball fights.”
Lilly Allen, junior:  “My favorite winter activity is ice skating.”
Elizabeth McKenna, senior: “I really don’t like ice skating… but I love sitting inside and reading a book.”
Saul Bautista, junior: “I like drinking hot chocolate.”
Rylei Anders, senior: “I like watching my dogs play in the snow.”

Izak Bernek junior: “Drifting in the snow.” 

Olivia Prosser junior: “Watching a Hallmark movie.” 

Tate Milton junior: “Making snowman.” 

Angelica Zaragoza junior: “Sledding.” 

Mr. Stary teacher: “Praying for snow days.”

Anna Lippert, senior: “Playing outside with my dog.”

Audrey Burnell, sophomore: “Staying home watching a movie.”

Jacob VanOoyen, junior: “I think sitting is my favorite part.”

Olivia Stefl, senior: “ My favorite thing to do and teach is snowboarding.”

Elizabeth McKenna, senior: “I really enjoy skiing in winter.”

Michael Prudisch, staff: “Checking out Christmas lights.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “I like skiing, ice skating, and fat biking.”

Desirae Rheingans, freshman: “Ice skating.”

Max Bonkowski, freshman: “Snowboarding.”

Sophie lin, freshman: “My favorite winter activity is skating at Titletown with my friends.”

Breylen Root, freshman: “Skiing is my favorite because my family skis a lot.”

Adah Danen, freshman: “My favorite winter activity is skiing.”

Jaqueline Zacharias, junior:  “Sledding.”

Myakel Kapalko, junior:  “Club Volleyball.”
Emma Goffard, junior:  “Baking cookies and ice skating.”
Naya Coppens, junior:  “Snowboarding.”

Violet Korpal, freshman: “My favorite activity is skiing and celebrating Christmas.”

Andrew Rader, freshman: “Sledding with the boyz.”

Savannah Schultz, freshman: “My favorite activity is not having to go to school on snow days.”

Dezirae Rheingans, freshman: “Making gingerbread houses.”

Asa Poister, freshman: “Sledding.”

Cassandra Schounard, senior: “Playing outside.”

Kendall Ronsman, freshman: “Snowboarding and ice fishing.”

Maddy Hilts, freshman: “Ice skating.”

Mary Sullivan, freshman: “Skiing.”

Lucy Lawton, freshman: “Skiing.”

Kinsey Gallagher, freshman: “Ice skating.”

Maddie Wolfram, freshman: “Ice skating.”

Peyton Musial, freshman: “Ice skating.”

Carson VandenHouten, freshman: “Skiing.”

Greta Fangman, freshman: “ My favorite winter activity would be skiing.”

Nicholas Gruesen, freshman: “Skiing in Big Sky Montana.”

Emily Kukiela, freshman: ”Making gingerbread houses.”

Sawyer Klein, freshman: “My favorite winter activity is sledding and doing snowball fights.”

Ava Lagerkvist, freshman: “I like competitive downhill skiing.”

Elizabeth Schounard, freshman: “Snowmobiling with my family.”

Zinash Ham, freshman: “I like ice skating at Titletown.”

Anita Mannuzzu, junior: “Staying home with friends and watching movies.”

Grace Borys, freshman: “Figure skating.”

Frater Vincent, staff: “Hibernating/Sleeping.”

Anna Lippert, senior: “Playing in the snow with my dog.”

Audrey Burnell, sophomore: “Sleeping.”

Hannah Fergus, sophomore: “My favorite activity is drinking hot chocolate.”

Luci Cuene, sophomore: “Skiing.”

Lauren Vandrisse, junior: “Sledding.”

Elizabeth McKenna, senior: “Skiing.”

Grace Barrington, sophomore: “Drinking hot chocolate.”

Kallie Flashberger, junior: “Decorating for Christmas.”

Emma Goffard, junior: “Either skiing or making Christmas cookies.”

Rylei Anders, senior: “Drinking hot chocolate and reading by the fire.”

Adam Jadin, junior: “Snowboarding.”

Connor Drier, junior: “Staying inside.”

Alora Schnieder, senior: “Skiing.”

Jacob Massart, senior: “Ice-skating or sledding.”

Sarah Hennigan, senior: “Skiing.”

Jacob VanOoyen, junior: “Falling when trying to skate.”
Sophie Malcore, junior: “Baking with my grandma.”
Violet Korpal, freshman: “Skiing.”
Cassie Garrison, freshman: “Skiing.”
Grace Schuh, sophomore: “I like to snowmobile.”

Zinash Ham, freshman: “Ice skating at TitleTown.” 

Eva Gillet, junior: “Sledding is my favorite one.” 

Aidan Clancy, senior: “Skiing, definitely.”

Thomas Petijean, senior: “Snowboarding.”

Gabe Phillips, senior: “Ice-fishing.”

Callan Budinger, senior: “Sledding is fun.”