Academy Chatter: What was your favorite part of the Academy Awards?


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Max Bonkowski, freshman: “I liked being in it.”
Savannah Schultz, freshman: “My favorite part was watching Sophia Hornberger’s act and also seeing Mrs. Brown’s reactions to all acts.”
Mary Sullivan freshman: “I like getting to see everyone’s acts.”

Danielle Dow, junior: “My favorite part of the Academy Awards was Kian’s video intro.”

Grace Durkin, junior: “Seeing all of the contestants having fun and performing was the best.” 

Eva Gillet, junior: “The best part was Jack FitzGerald’s video and his speech about free Britney”

Delaney Gallagher, junior: “For me, my favorite part is Jason’s dance.”

Anita Mannuzzu, senior: “I liked going on stage for the senior dance.”
Aubrey Guyette, junior: “My favorite part was Jack FitzGerald’s act.”
Joseph Giganti, senior: “Sam Smet’s entrance.”
Kinsey Gallagher, freshman: “To be able to see everyone’s acts they all worked so hard for.”

Max Mader, senior: “My favorite part was Vogel’s intro.”

Joe Diny, senior: “I thought Jason’s intro video was awesome.”
Olivia Lin, senior: “Chelsea winning and her dance.”
Sophie Hornberger, senior: “My favorite part was getting to participate in such an awesome show with so many other amazing people.”
Jacob Massart, senior: “Crowning the first Miss NDA.”

Anna Lippert, senior: “Sophie Hornberger’s performance was my favorite part.”

Audrey Burnell, sophomore: “Jack FitzGerald outstaging Adam in his own performance.”

Elizabeth McKenna, senior: “The talent portion of the whole show.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “I liked the intro videos and the dancing acts.”

Eva Passel, freshman: “I liked the light show and the Britney Spears act.”

Lily Arkins, freshman: My favorite part was being in the show.”

Grace Corriveau, staff: “I liked seeing everybody dressed up all fancy. Seeing people out of their normal school element is very fun.”

Madeleine Hilts, freshman: “I liked the energy and the visuals.”

Ms. Robbins, staff: “I would say Chelsea Martinez’s performance. Her talent act was incredible.”

Mr. Konshak, staff: “My favorite part was the dances and being back in person instead of it being virtual.”

Sam Gille, senior: “After our successful dance, Joey and I hugged passionately, a moment I will not forget.”

Emilie Dais, senior: “Jack Fitzgerald’s ‘Free Britney’ act.”

Jay Strain, senior: “I liked George Streck’s performance.”

Emma Skaletski, junior:  “Jason’s talent. ”

Tommy Phillips, junior: “All of the videos.”
Mrs. Bialk, staff: “Seeing the first Miss NDA crowned.”
Emma Goffard, junior: “Seeing everyone’s talent.
Olivia Stefl, senior: “Finally having a female win, it’s a huge step for NDA.”

Samantha Hendry, sophomore: “I enjoyed Jack FitzGerald’s act.” 

Sydney Whitehouse, sophomore: “The intro videos and talent acts.”

Gracie Grzesk, sophomore: “The intro videos.”

Hope Barington, junior: “The talents.” 

Zinash Ham, freshman : “Getting to throw the money with Jason.” 

Emily Hoeppner, junior: “Everyone being in person again and the amazing light show.”

Emma Goffard, junior: “Getting to see all the hard work from the participants in their films.”
Rian Schrader, junior: “Jack Fitzgerald’s Free Brittney.”
Kallie Flashberger, junior: “I liked the whole thing.”

Grace Nimmer, senior: “My favorite part was the talent portion.”

Sophie Malcore, junior: “Jack FitzGerald’s act.”
Violet Korpal, freshman: “I loved being able to judge, and my opinion counting towards the final results. I loved laughing through a lot of the show, especially Jack FitzGerald’s video. It was such a fun experience and I plan to attend for the next 3 years I’m here and NDA.”
Alora Schneider, senior: “Kian Wasilkoff singing to Katie Zasuly and I and pointing at us with his cane.”
Jacob VanOoyen, junior: “Jack’s dance.”

Hannah Fergus, sophomore: “Jack FitzGerald’s Britney Spears.”

Luci Cuene, sophomore: “The videos.”

Matiah Christensen, sophomore: “My favorite part of the Academy Awards was seeing the confidence each contestant had.”

Maddy Rose, sophomore: “I really liked seeing it on stage, and the lighting effects were really cool.”

Sydney Berndt, sophomore: “My favorite part was the lights or Jack FiitzGerald’s act.”

Morgan Gokey, freshman: “Seeing there be the first Miss NDA, and how funny it was.”

Señora Stover, staff: “Chelsey’s response to the Q&A.”

Brianna Gruber, freshman: “The light show.”

Cayden Kiefer, freshman: “The talent show and seeing Lily in the show.”

Sam Gille, senior: “I liked the entire show. I thought it was well put together. The people who worked on it did a fantastic job.”

Audrey Gagan, senior: “I thought the lights were really cool this year. Like during Eli’s drum solo, at the end, they were really cool.”

Anna Gruesen, senior: “The walk-ons.”

Kian Wasilkoff, senior: “The questionnaire was pretty silly.” 

Ava Lagerkvist, freshman: “Seeing the creativity our school has outside of academics.”

Emily Kukiela, freshman: “Watching my friends live our their dreams of being rampeteers.”

Amelia Chrudimsky, freshman: “My favorite part of Academy Awards was being in people’s acts. It was awesome to see how hard everyone was working and that I got to be a part of that. “

Sophia Lin, freshman:  “Watching the talent acts.”

Nicholas Gruesen, freshman: “The beginning lights or Jason Vandenhouten’s walk out.”

Grace Barrington, sophomore: “I just liked seeing everyone’s talent and stuff in person because we had to watch videos of it last year. 

Miranda Goral, sophomore: “My favorite part was Jack Fitzgerald’s Free Britney act.”

Maddy Rose, sophomore: “I liked the lights and all the contestants walking down the runway It was really cool.”

Sam Mach, freshman: “I liked the intro videos and the dance.” 

Cassidy Green,sophomore: “I would say Jack FitzGerald’s act.”

Grace Borys, freshman: “My favorite part of the academy awards was getting a rose from Kian Wasilkoff.”

Maddie Wolfram, freshman: “My favorite part was seeing all of the acts that the people worked so hard on to make people laugh.”